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Dangerous Developments: Surrogacy & The Universal Parentage Act July 10, 2018

Reality television has just given us a whole new, and tragic, answer to the question, "Where were you born?"

'Pay To Slay' And Why The 'Occupation' Continues July 10, 2018

Most of the Western world fails to grasp that Palestinians believe that Tel Aviv is just as much of an "illegal settlement" as the most remote hilltop outpost.

What Happens When We Fail To Warn July 09, 2018

We don’t want to hear warnings today. We only want positive words. Words that make us feel better about ourselves. Anything negative will be rejected out of hand.

Israel Ranks #8 In Top 10 List of Most Powerful Countries July 09, 2018

The power index measures a country’s ability to project its influence on the global stage by factoring its diplomatic, economic and military might.

International Community Ignores Genocide Of Christians In Nigeria July 09, 2018

238 more Christians were killed and churches desecrated by Muslims last week in the west African nation. This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.

The Idea Of 'Israel Victory' Gains Strength July 09, 2018

On the cusp of the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, we know precisely how well that worked out: Israelis gave real land, and Palestinians rewarded them with false promises of peace.

Progressives In Panic Over Supreme Court Nominee's Christian Values July 07, 2018

For decades, the left has been using the courts as their primary weapon to advance their agenda in the culture war. Now there is a very real possibility that control of the Supreme Court may slip firmly into conservative hands.

"Peter Pan Syndrome" Revisited: Helping Boys Become Men July 07, 2018

You've heard of so-called "deadbeat dads." Well, welcome to the era of "deadbeat sons."

The Trump 'Peace Plan' Is Coming July 07, 2018

A new Middle East "peace plan" is gestating and, according to the Trump administration itself, nearly ready to hatch.

Next Year In Jerusalem? Last Ethiopian Jews Look To Return, Fulfilling Prophecy July 07, 2018

Christian supporters of Israel are helping bring prophecy to life with their involvement in the final regathering of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

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