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The War Against Israel Is Not A War Against Israel. It Is A War Against The West January 08, 2024

Those who interpret the current trend of right-wing nationalism as motivated by crass racism and xenophobia should take note. It is the Left, in fact, that consistently and openly speaks of the evils of Western civilization and its Judeo-Christian underpinnings.

14 Things To Know About The Great American Eclipse Of 2024 January 04, 2024

We are just a little bit more than three months away from what many believe will be the most dramatic total solar eclipse in U.S. history.

Underreported Stories Of 2023 January 04, 2024

The legacy media have not given these stories the exposure they deserve but they deserve our attention.

Christians Forced Out Of Dance Competition For Biblical Views On Gender January 04, 2024

The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) recently banned the Christian dance group, Praise Academy of Dance, from competition for holding a biblical view of gender.

Why This War Is Different From Other Wars January 04, 2024

This is not a conflict between two civilized belligerents who agree on the value of human life.

Can The U.S. Fight 3 Major Wars Simultaneously? January 02, 2024

Many experts are predicting 2024 will be a year of war around the world. Is the US military prepared to handle what might be coming?

Ten Reasons Why God Gave Bible Prophecy January 02, 2024

Did you know that a whopping 31% of the Bible is God revealing how events will unfold before they happen? Our Heavenly Father wants His children to know what the future holds!

73% Of US Christians Say The Bible Doesn’t Influence Their Views On Israel January 02, 2024

Only about a quarter of American Christians say the Bible influences their views on Israel as the Israel-Hamas war continues after the Oct. 7 attack on civilians in southern Israel killed over 1,200 and prompted an Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

Israel's War Against Terror Goes Beyond The Middle East January 02, 2024

If Hamas is successful against Israel, its next step is to attack American interests throughout the Middle East and at home.

Prophetic Foreshocks - Hamas Attack Stirring Jewish Faith Revival In Messiah December 29, 2023

Likud Member of Knesset Galit Distel-Atbaryan addressed the plenum on Wednesday, and despite self-identifying as non-religious, her address praised the "messianic" manifestations appearing among the IDF in Gaza.

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