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Russia and China Looking To Develop Military Edge Over U.S.

Is the U.S in danger of being on the receiving end of a 'double whammy' from Russia and China? Events as of mid July suggest that the possibility isn't far-fetched and could actually trigger off World War III, according to some pundits.

Russia Reverts To Its Dark Past Of Christian Persecution

New draconian measures in Russia will classify preaching or proselytization outside of a church building as missionary activity and any persons wishing to share their faith with others must first receive a government permit.

50,000 Gazan Youth Attend Hamas Summer Camps; Prepare For Jihad & Martyrdom

While children around the world spend their summer vacation at camp or enjoying time at the beach, the youth of Gaza are being prepped for war with Israel.

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July 20, 2016Reshaping Turkey In Erdogan's Image - 50,000 Purged

So far, at least 50,000 people have been rounded up or stripped of their positions since the coup. Of great concern is the educational witch hunt that Turkey's ministry of education has conducted, which has sacked 15,200 education workers and 1,577 university deans....

July 20, 2016The Return Of Ahmadinejad Could Trigger New Middle East Conflict

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to regain power in the 2017 election and descend the Muslim nation into even further extremism to fulfill Shiite end times theology....

July 20, 2016Dangerous New Era Of Superbugs

A virulent superbug recently made its way on to U.S. soil that may be a harbinger of untreatable infections to come....

July 20, 2016Surveillance Technology Advances

There is a deluge of biometric data that's being sucked up by voice command software, fingerprints, and facial recognition systems in addition to loads of metadata such as phone calls, GPS info, and electronic receipts - you can be identified and located at almost any time or place....

July 19, 2016Is Martial Law Coming To America?

America is on edge. Racial tensions are rising and terrorism fears abound. Many fear we may be one trigger event away from pushing America into a state of Martial Law....

July 19, 2016The Worst Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As Dictator Over Turkey

What just happened in Turkey? I have been thinking about this for a number of hours now, and I have narrowed it down to two options. Either this was the worst military coup in my entire lifetime, or it was staged....

July 19, 2016The 5 Worst Beliefs A Christian Parent Can Have In An Imploding Society

America is changing fast, and not in the direction we'd like. In light of recent events, I don't think I need to detail all the signs that point to an imploding society. We see it. We feel it. But how do we as Christian parents respond to it? ...

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