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Recent Prophecy News Headlines

Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy?
10 Incredible Ways You Are Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled

America’s basic freedoms are under heavy assault on all fronts as we are being kept under round the click surveillance. The following list are just some of the ways you are being tracked in the “land of the free.”  .........  Click here for full story

Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy?
"Islamist Trojan Horse? - US Could Allow Up To 30,000 Syrians To Resettle In America

In a potentially dangerous move, the Obama Administration is working to secure the resettling of thousands of Syrian refugees within the United States. While liberals applaud the move as an essential humanitarian effort, conservatives remain skeptical, and there are several valid reasons for their skepticism .........  Click here for full story

Apostate Christianity
Christian Leaders Continue To Endorse "Chrislam"

A number of Christian leaders today are attempting to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians. While perhaps well intentioned, the foundation of this new mantra, often called Chrislam is that "we all worship the same God". At the heart of this movement and perhaps the most dangerous issue is that these Christian leaders suggest that because we use similar terms such as "God" and "Jesus" - there is a form of shared belief .........  Click here for full story

Israel: God's Timepiece 
US Prepared To Support Palestinians Reimagined Ideas Of History

The general impression given by most in the media is that Palestinians were established in the Holy Land for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Yet curiously, when it comes to giving the history of this ancient people most news outlets find it harder to go back more than the early nineteen hundreds. .......  Click here for full story

Increase In Knowledge and Technologies
3,000 Year-Old Hieroglyphics Discovery Stirs Nephilim Debate

Is it possible that 3,000 Year-Old hieroglyphics could depict modern day technology? Are there signs that fallen angels once lived amongst us and left their mark in ancient art and culture? Some highly fascinating evidence is now coming to light about these possibilities, also shedding new light about the Nephilim. .......  Click here for full story

Other Events To Watch 
China Looks To Take Advantage Of Declining American Power

China, sensing growing weakness in American military might, is building up its missile defense systems and flexing its naval muscles in the South China Sea. China has been developing a new missile system for its People’s Liberation Army, specifically designed to overwhelm strike American missile defenses so strikes can be launched against aircraft carriers, military installations and cities in the U.S. .......  Click here for full story

Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy?
America's Hidden Dangers - Possible Natural Disaster Threats Bigger Than Previously Realized

The U.S has had its fair share of natural disasters over the years. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is described as having been the most costly U.S. disaster ever in overall terms. Before and after Katrina, there have been numerous natural disasters of various kinds. However, it has now been discovered that the worst may be yet to come – natural disasters that could not only originate in the U.S with devastating consequences, but also cause a significant global impact .......  Click here for full story

Increase In Knowledge and Technologies
No Place To Hide - One Michigan Town Expands Surveillance Cameras To Every Neighborhood

The prevalence and scope of camera surveillance seems to be rising with each passing day. A town in Michigan will soon have surveillance cameras in every neighborhood – and residents will be required to pay for the related ongoing operational expenses. Indications are that, far from being an isolated incident, questionable surveillance practices are now gaining momentum countrywide .......  Click here for full story

Christian Worldview Issues
New Scottish "Guardian" Law Should Concern Every Family As Government Looks To Control Life Inside The Home

Even in the face of threatened legal action and angered outcries from numerous parents and organizations opposing the ludicrous legislation, the SNP pushed through its plans that will require every child under the age of 18 to have a state-appointed “guardian” to look after it........  Click here for full story

A Revived Roman Empire 
Vision Of EU Superstate May Be Put To European Voters This Spring

The concept of a "United States Of Europe" has been thrown around for decades as the solution to many of Europe's problems. However many EU officials now feel we are at the precipice of "true political union" as we approach elections to the European Parliament in May of this year. .........  Click here for full story

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