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Shifting Alliances: US Allies Line Up Behind Russia and China

In recent weeks, four formerly strong allies of the United States have either publicly broken ties with Washington and aligned themselves with Russia or China, or they have moved hard in that direction.

Hackers Use "Internet Of Things" To Bring Down The Internet

You know all of those cool, sci-fi "smart" gadgets that people are beginning to get that are connected to the Internet in their homes? Apparently, those things may not be so smart after all because they played a big role in the cyber attack that took place last Friday.

US Army Will Have More Robots Than Human Soldiers By 2025

In the next 9 years, the US Army will have more combat robots than humans, according to John Bassett, a former UK intelligence officer. Basset, told attendees at a counter-terrorism meeting in London that the US is attempting to "stay ahead of the curve" by employing thousands of robot soldiers over the next few years.

Other News

October 24, 2016The Approaching Economic Storm

Why are financial experts predicting the chances of a recession in the next year with estimates ranging from as low as 25% to a 60% or higher?...

October 24, 2016Will Russia Take Down The Entire Internet If We Go To War?

We just learned a very important lesson about how exceedingly vulnerable our Internet truly is. On Friday, three massive waves of cyberattacks took down some of the biggest websites on the entire Internet. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, the New York Times and the Boston Globe were among the prominent websites affected. ...

October 24, 2016Fleet Of Android Robots To Begin Policing The Streets By 2017

According to a report from the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), a fleet of android robots will police the streets of Dubai as early as 2017....

October 24, 2016Why the State Department Won't Acknowledge The Truth About Fatah

Obama's political agenda--his entire policy concerning Israel and the Palestinian Arabs--conflicts with telling the truth about Fatah....

October 21, 2016Palestinians: Fatah Prepares For War With Israel

Fatah is a two-faced hydra; one face tells the English-speaking international community what it wants to hear, namely, that it supports a two-state solution and seeks a peaceful settlement to the conflict with Israel, while the other tells the truth: it is committed to an armed struggle and the "liberation of Palestine," and is even preparing for war with Israel....

October 21, 2016Drowning In Debt: 35 Percent Of All Americans Have Debt Past Due

More than a third of all Americans can't pay their debts. As you will see below, 35 percent of the people living in this country have debt in collections. When a debt is in collections, it is at least 180 days past due. ...

October 21, 2016China Faces Demographic Nightmare From Forced One Child Policy

China, instead of growing rich and then getting old, like European nations and Japan, will grow old long before it has a chance to get rich....

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