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Final Peace Accord To Be Forced Upon Israel This Fall?

Will a French proposal for final peace talks later this year be the first step to fulfilling a long awaited prophecy that could start the countdown to the end of times?

Why Is It Never The Terrorist's Fault?

Whenever there is a terrorist attack, the parents, friends and families of the perpetrators are always in "deep shock." They cannot fathom from where their terrorist offspring, who had always been so "normal and good," got their inspiration.

Mr. Rogers Doctrine - Obama Wants Saudi Arabia/Iran To 'Share The Neighborhood'

The Saudis have never been America's friends in the sense of having common values or mutual affection. But they have been America's allies in the sense of having common enemies and some common -- and vital -- interests.

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April 27, 2016Russia Prepares Once Again To Become "Great Power" And Challenge The US

Earlier this month, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that Russia continues to pose the greatest threat to the United States. Here are several reasons why......

April 27, 2016Relative Reality - When Perception Of Reality Is Based On Feelings

We not only have men who identify as women (and vice versa), but we have whites who identify as blacks and human beings who identify as animals, including cats, dogs, parrots and even mythical dragons....

April 27, 2016Let's Play A Little Game Called "If Israel Had Done That"

If you ever wonder whether or not the international community applies an unfair double standard to Israel, all you need do is play a little game that I call "If Israel had done that."...

April 27, 2016The Most Dangerous Book in the World - Banning The Bible?

What do the Bible and "Fifty Shades of Grey" have in common? If you said nothing, sadly, you'd be wrong....

April 26, 2016America Is Starting To Look Like Rome Before It Collapsed

All great nations eventually fall, and the United States is not going to be any exception. However the chances of collapse from internal problems are starting to outweigh external threats....

April 26, 2016The Battle For The Heart, Mind And Gender Of Your 4 Year Old

How will you respond when the school your child attends teaches your 4 year old the lesson of "choosing" your gender?...

April 26, 2016Obama's Blatant Double Standard Toward Netanyahu Revealed On European Tour

President Obama has suggested that in a democracy, friends should be able to speak their minds, even when they are visiting another country. However, that doesn't seem to apply to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu....

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