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ISIS Threat Reignites Guns In Church Debate

Christian churches are beginning to seriously rethink their security arrangements and assess how best to protect worshipers without distracting them or making them feel tense and unsafe during services after it was revealed an ISIS supporter was planning to shoot up a Detroit Megachurch.

Clinton Emails Reveal Barrage Of Anti-Israel Counsel

Hillary Clinton has been reading from the politically favorable 'stand with Israel' script as part of her campaign to succeed Barack Obama. However, her sincerity on supporting Israel has been called into question following scrutiny on her past email correspondences with her political advisers.

Rapid Growth Of Islam Will Shift Demographics Worldwide

Recent poll-based reports suggest that American Muslim population stands a strong chance of doubling in size by 2050 and becoming the second largest religion by 2040. Current Muslim population stands at 3.3 million but is expected to rise to about 8.1 million based on current projections.

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February 11, 2016Losing Hope - Rising Suicide Epidemic Across US

Did you know that more Americans now die from suicide than are killed in car crashes each year? According to the CDC, there has been a substantial spike in suicide deaths in the United States in recent years. Today, approximately 9.3 million Americans admit to having suicidal thoughts, and approximately 2.7 million Americans each year actually make a plan for how they would commit suicide. ...

February 11, 2016Germany And Japan Tipping The Scales Towards Global Financial Crisis

Deutsche Bank is the biggest and most important bank in the biggest and most important economy in the EU, and it has exposure to derivatives that is approximately 20 times Germanys GDP. If that doesnt alarm you, I dont know what will....

February 11, 2016Shame On The Pastors Who Anointed Hillary Clinton As President

How then can ministers of the gospelof any colorproclaim the favor of the Lord over a radically pro-abortion candidate? Hillary Clinton actually stated that, "religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed" in order to expand abortion, including partial birth abortion....

February 11, 2016Transgender Decision Welcomed With Church Baptism

A pastor in the U.K. has started offering the UKs first ever baptism service for the transgendered. This allows "the afflicted to be welcomed into Gods family according to their new, chosen gender identity". ...

February 10, 2016World War III Starts In The Middle East?

Are Saudi Arabia and Turkey about to send ground troops into Syria? If so, how will Russia, Iran and the Syrian government respond? ...

February 10, 2016Conversion Therapy Ban Slippery Slope To Anti-Conversion Laws

If New York and other states can ban or restrict the practice of helping one to overcome a particular sexual orientation, who is to say that a Bible message addressing homosexuality as sinful should not also be restricted as hate or even as a form of "conversion therapy" for trying to convince one of the need to change (repent)....

February 10, 2016Prepping Goes Mainstream

More and more American families are beginning to see the value in preparing for a number of possible scenarios in which the stockpiling of food, water and other essentials could prove to be a very wise investment....

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