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Southern California Time Bomb: San Andreas Fault Is 'Rising And Sinking'

Scientists assure us that it is only a matter of time before "the big one" one strikes, and that is why it is so alarming that the ground surrounding the San Andreas fault has been "rising and sinking".

Why Is the U.S. Embracing Iran - AGAIN?

America is apparently bent on repeating -- yet again -- the historic wrong turn it took in 1979, by once again embracing the radical Islamic regime in Iran. Why would the U.S. administration think doing the same thing again will have a different outcome?

Iraq's Absurd Lawsuit Against Israel

Humam Hamoudi, the Iraqi parliament's first deputy speaker, recently said his country was prepared to sue Israel for reparations for bombing the Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

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June 23, 2016Biohacking Will Soon Reach A Mainstream Tipping Point

Futurists have longed envisioned a world where human beings are able to pay for goods and services with their fingerprint, iris or other biological means. This seemingly futuristic means of economic exchange might soon become a reality thanks to biohacking....

June 23, 2016The Spread of Wicca In The US

Witchcraft and Satanism (devil worship) in America are growing by leaps and bounds. No longer are their highly secret activities being kept in-the-closet. Todays witches are no longer at risk of getting burned at the stake, but rather honored and revered....

June 23, 2016Is Antisemitism the 'New Normal' in Europe?

Uniquely among all the peoples of Europe, the Jews have a welcoming place to go. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of Western European Jews choose to stay put in Europe....

June 23, 2016Attorney General Loretta Lynch Is 'Re-Victimizing' Me

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Obama administration has deleted references to Islamic State from the transcript of the Orlando killer's 911 calls. She says that mentioning the group would "re-victimize" the families of those whom he murdered....

June 22, 2016Petra Unearthed: A Citadel For The End Of Days

Archaeologists have discovered an enormous platform that has been hiding in plain sight in the amazing rock city of Petra. Petra draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world every year because of its link to Biblical prophecy and these new discoveries are reminding people of it's potential future importance....

June 22, 2016Radical Islam By The Numbers - How Widespread?

If we accept the premise that there are two types of Muslims, those who are radical and capable of violence and those who moderate and peace loving, what percentage of Muslims worldwide could we expect to find in the first group?...

June 22, 2016Why So-Called Progressive Religion Always Fails

If the pundits and prognosticators are correct, those of us who hold to a conservative interpretation of the Scriptures are a dying breed, soon to be replaced by the enlightened, "progressive" believers who have found a new way of reading the Bible. ...

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