British & Canadian Families Denied Adoption For Christian Views On Homosexuality

News Image By PNW Staff December 11, 2017
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Recent cases of British and Canadian families that were denied permission to adopt show that the war gender radicals are waging on Christianity increasingly targets families. 

In several recent high-profile cases, Christian families holding mainstream Biblical views on homosexuality were rejected for adoption solely due to their beliefs that children should be raised by both a mother and a father and that the choice to live a homosexual lifestyle is fraught with risk.

A husband and wife in the UK (their names withheld from the media), who have biological children of their own, had opened their family to foster children for years.  

As they continued to act as loving foster parents for a happy family, they were informed by a social worker  that a homosexual couple was seeking to adopt their foster children. The foster parents expressed their concern and only two days later applied again to adopt the children.

Still focused on the best interests of the children, they believed that to uproot them from the loving family bonds they had formed were do more harm than good. They are reported to have said, "We want to look after them. We want to adopt them; we love them. 

They’re thriving in our care. They’re thriving with a mum and a dad, and this is not the situation we want for them. We believe the best interest of the child will be served if they stay with us." It was their assertion that the children are thriving with both a mother and father and that they didn't want them with a homosexual couple that triggered their rejection by Social Services the second time.

The Social Services Council worker told them that their beliefs on gay parents were "concerning" and that they "could be detrimental to the long-term needs of the children." It is on these ground that the children were removed from their Christian foster home and placed in the care of two gay men. The foster parents appealed the decision that was clearly discriminatory towards Christians.

Unless Christian views are now, by definition, not only homophobic but make the believer unfit for the role of parents, they did not express any homophobic views. "We are Christians and we expressed the view that a child needs a mother and a father. We expressed our views in modest, temperate terms based on our Christian convictions," the couple reiterated. 

"We love everyone, and we love the children and believe that they would benefit from the foundation offered by a mother and a father." Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, represented the couple, who hold lawful and mainstream views, on their appeal of a decision that is blatantly discriminatory. But this is far from the only such case now making headlines.

A more outrageous story broke in November of 2017 when Catholic Social Services in Alberta, Canada deemed a married couple unfit to adopt due their Christian views. It is telling that gender politics have become so entrenched in Canadian society that even a Catholic social services agency would discriminate against a family for holding Biblical views on homosexuality.

The Christian husband and wife have filed a civil lawsuit claiming that the decision to deny them permission to adopt children based on their Biblical views is "unreasonable and void by virtue of arbitrariness, bias, and bad faith, as breaches of procedural fairness and natural justice." Now they will continue their fight in the court system.

Their attempts to adopt began in October of 2016. The province received their petition and assigned the case to Catholic Social Services in Edmonton. They passed a thorough review that included both psychological and financial studies to ensure that they were fit to adopt, and the organization initially recommended that they be approved for adoption. 

That is, until March of 2017 when Catholic Services learned that the couple were Evangelical Christians, and pressed them for details on their beliefs regarding homosexuality.

When asked what they would do if a child in their case were to be confused about his or her sexuality, they responded that they would seek counseling for the child but that were committed to "treating any child in their care with unconditional love, respect and compassion regardless of what the child chose to do, and regardless of the child’s sexual orientation or behavior." 

Alberta's Child and Family Services Agency informed the couple in May that they would not be able to adopt because they would not be able to support a child who has "sexual identity issues."

Only those couples who fully support the gay agenda or who are themselves gay can be assumed to be fit to adopt by these standards. Those who hold traditional beliefs about gender, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu other faiths or even those who don't buy into the leftist propaganda about homosexuality, all face rejection now. 

First, families are being denied permission to adopt children based on their Christian views, but if such views can come to be seen as harmful to children, it is only a small step away from declaring that Christians and others holding traditional views on gender are unfit to raise any children, even their own. 

After all, if the State has determined that adopted children (who aren't even homosexual themselves necessarily) would be harmed by living under a Christian roof, why would biological children by any different?

Thus, we see the ideology of Marxist Socialism at work; that children are the property of the state. The Biblical command that assigns parents the responsibility properly to rear their children is, thereby, deemed null and void. 

Our slide down the slippery slope away from Biblical values is rapidly increasing in speed and virtually out of control. 

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