LGBT Activists Try To Bully Conservative Christians Into The Closet

News Image By Michael Brown/ March 22, 2016
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For more than a decade, I've been warning that those who came out of the closetmeaning, gay activistswant to put conservative Christians in the closet. 

Ive been saying that, in the LGBT activist lexicon, "tolerance" means the intolerance of all views but their own, "diversity" means their way or the highway, and "inclusive" means the exclusion of all opposing opinions and values. 

Day by day, we are watching all this unfold before our eyes. 

In the U.K., Pink News reports that, "Scotland is training a small army of LGBT-friendly police officers to stamp out hate crime." This "small army" has been tasked with encouraging victims of "hate crimes" to report those crimes to the police, since such crimes are allegedly under-reported. 

The problem is that, in the U.K., preachers simply reading the Scriptures on a street corner have been charged with LGBT "hate crimes." On at least one occasion, a preacher was charged with a hate crime because a lesbian listener simply felt discriminated against. (Thankfully, the case was thrown out, and compensation of about $4,000 was paid out due to the preacher's arrest and 11-hour jail cell detainment.) 

What will happen now with this "small army" on the lookout for such "crimes"? Some years ago, I began to write about "the diversity police," using the term metaphorically. 

Today, it is no longer a metaphor. Yet there's more. There will be increasing scrutiny in Scottish schools as well. As explained by Fergus McMillan, chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, "We are currently working with a range of partners, including Equality Network, to increase the reporting of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crimes and incidents and improve the support available to those targeted."

Presumably, if a little girl objected to a confused little boy sharing her bathroom, she would be guilty of a "transphobic hate crime." John Knox must be turning over in his grave. 

Back here in America, the Insider Higher Ed website reported on March 10, "In a letter sent to the National Collegiate Athletic Association on Wednesday, more than 80 lesbian, gay and transgender organizations urged the NCAA to 'divest from all religious-based institutions' that discriminate against transgender students." 

In other words, if a religious-based institution of higher education cannot support transgender activism on its campusbecause of its explicit religious convictionsthen the NCAA must boycott that school. Talk about intolerance and bullying! 

So if a religious-based university like Wheaton, Oral Roberts or Brigham Young were not willing to admit a biological male as a female, thereby allowing him to room with women, use the women's locker rooms and bathrooms, play on the women's sports teams and join womens collegiate groups, that school would be guilty of transgender "discrimination" and the NCAA should boycott them. 

Once again, in the world of gay activism, "inclusion" is a one-way street, to be enforced by bullying and boycotting. Over in Australia, a concerned mother wrote to our ministry: "I listen and read your articles here in Australia and wanted to alert you to whats happening here. 

The government has initiated a program: "They want to make it compulsory to be taught in all schools. There is information in there to teach transgender kids to bind breasts and tuck genitals. Doctors have warned this is very dangerous for kids and could even be fatal. "Even worse, some large Pentecostal preachers reviewed it and said it's not that bad as some other Christian leaders have warned us about." 

Some of the resources on the "Safe School" website include, "All of Us," described as, "A ground-breaking teaching resource that supports gender diversity, sexual diversity and intersex topics." And "Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School," described as, "A step by step guide for schools supporting transgender and gender diverse students who want to affirm their gender identity at schoolsuitable for both primary and secondary schools." 

The document itself explains that it "includes people who identify as women, men or as neither male nor female. The terms people use to describe their gender identity may include transgender, gender non-binary or agender." And this educational resource could become mandatory in children's schools in Australia, just the latest example of the war on gender. 

In my book Outlasting the Gay Revolution, I warned that gay activists would overplay their hand, stating that those who were once bullied would become the bullies and that the LGBT war on gender distinctions and natural marriage would destroy itself, since it goes against the very fabric of human society. Little by littleno, quite rapidly and aggressivelywe are seeing this come to pass in front of our eyes. 

Unfortunately, many conservative Christians are still sleeping while others, like the proverbial frog boiling in water, are spiritually dull, having become accustomed to our world being turned upside down. 

Now is the time to wake up to reality and say, "Not in my school, not on my campus, not in my city." 

We can take a stand for what is right while loving those who oppose us. 

And if we are unable to turn the tide just yet, no one is stopping us from swimming against it. 

As Malcom Muggeridge once stated, "Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream." 

Dont be a dead fish!

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