More Parents Homeschooling To Counter LGBT Indoctrination

News Image By PNW Staff June 02, 2018
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In states across the country, schools have quietly implemented elementary and preschool programs designed to indoctrinate young children to homosexual and transgendered lifestyles. 

State education departments have implemented systematic LGBT acceptance curriculum programs at every level. These programs include books and activities, beginning with pre-school, meant to make switching genders or having same-sex parents seem both normal and commonplace. 

But unlike some other sex education programs that have required parents to opt-in to the instruction, these programs are increasingly becoming mandatory, with parents unable even to opt-out if they are opposed to such teaching.

How can this be? In both California and Colorado, to take two prominent examples, schools must notify parents and provide them with the chance to opt-out of the sex education curriculum designed to educate students about the aspects of human biology. 

The same is true for 21 other states that require notification, at least, and 35 states that allow parents to remove their children from such programs. In both California and Colorado, parents may decline sexual health education. "Gender diversity education", however, is mandatory because it is not part of a "comprehensive health education program". 

Special stipulations are written in state law in both circumstances that do not afford parents the ability to block homosexual or transgender teaching despite their religious or cultural beliefs, and the same is true of Washington D.C. since the indoctrination doesn't include human reproduction. 

California Education Code Section 51240 specifically permits students to be exempt from instruction "If any part of a school's instruction in “health” conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian or a pupil".  But, since gender identity is not considered a component of "health", the courts have not recognized any such parental right to opt-out in the matter of LGBT curriculum.

Take the case of R.B. Sinclair whose four-year-old daughter was removed from Montview Preschool in Aurora, Colorado after the family objected to books including same-sex couples and transgendered earthworms. 

The school, in its pursuit of "diversity and inclusion as essential to a balanced education" saw fit to exclude the Sinclair’s child because they didn't agree with transgender indoctrination. Or what shall we make of the case of a kindergarten student in Rocklin Academy Charter School in California who was disciplined for innocently using a classmate's given name on the playground after her fellow kindergarten classmate had already had their gender reveal ceremony. 

Though the charge of bullying was eventually dropped, the girl remained traumatized by her time in the principal's office and her label as an anti-trans bigot.

Faced with the threat of an increasingly pervasive LGBT indoctrination campaign which, by state law, cannot be avoided, parents are now opting to homeschool their children in record numbers. In the United States, the country that spends more per student (an average of $12,000) than any other country apart from Lichtenstein, the number of students being homeschooled increased by 61.8% between 2003 and 2012, and experts believe that those numbers continue to remain high. 

Around 1.7 million students are homeschooled, or about 3.3% of all school-age children. What used to be a fringe movement has become an increasingly viable option for families from every demographic in America.  Not only can parents avoid the political indoctrination and violence of the public-school system, but actually boost their children’s academic achievement. 

The public-school system consistently ranks near the middle of global rankings, despite higher per-pupil expenditures. Ivy-league colleges and universities actually seek out students who have been homeschooled. 

Great Homeschool Conventions presents numerous regional conventions each year where parents can view curricula and other resources from hundreds of specialized vendors, as well as hundreds of speaking sessions that address virtually every concern a parent might have, from Homeschool 101 to teaching special-needs children.  (

On a local level, homeschooled students now have access to networks of other like-minded families for socialization, sports and extracurricular activities. Parents have formed co-ops for skill-exchanges as they seek out specialists in math, science and foreign languages. 

Small group instruction in carefully-guided settings provides a fine-tuned education free from the LGBT agenda, rampant bullying and cultural Marxism found in public and private schools. Armed with rigorous academic curricula and well-connected networks of caring adults, it is now the educated, middle-class parents who are opting to homeschool. 

Studies have shown that 50% of mothers who homeschool have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 33% of the general population, and 20% of fathers who homeschool have a master’s degree, compared to just 8% of the total American population. Whether it is to avoid failing schools, discrimination or forcible indoctrination, homeschooling is quickly becoming mainstream.

So, when faced with a systematic campaign to force acceptance of LGBT culture on preteen children, millions of families have decided that the only reasonable response is "No, thank you, we'll educate our children ourselves."

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