An Entire Month That Is Going To Show Exactly Where Everybody Stands

News Image By Michael Snyder/End of the American Dream June 02, 2023
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You have probably noticed that cultural issues are bitterly dividing our nation right now.  Bud Light, Target and other companies that have taken controversial stands on cultural issues have been dominating the headlines for weeks, and now the month of June is here.  

An entire month is set aside to celebrate "Pride", and you can't escape it even if you wanted to do so.  Not even pet snacks are safe from the left's radical gender agenda this year as the dog biscuit brand Milk-Bone has unveiled a new "pride-themed" snack box to help canines "celebrate the LGBTQ+ community." 

Milk-Bone said its "pride treats" are baked in the colors of the rainbow in order to "celebrate love." The company has also laid out several ways in which dogs can become allies to the LGBT community.

It asks consumers to "dress them up in rainbow colors, and/or get them rainbow accessories" and also to take them to "a dog-friendly Pride event, such as a rally or parade."

Meanwhile, LEGO House is celebrating pride month with a new display that features dozens of building sets that offer children an "inclusive" and "diverse" environment to interact with gender identity and LGBT-related building sets. 

The sets include a transgender garden, a trans-colored butterfly, a set including 10 different LGBT flags from the pansexual flag to the transgender flag, and even sets encouraging children to question their gender. It's unclear what gardening and butterflies have to do with sexuality or gender identity.

Rainbow colors will constantly remind us of what we are all supposed to be celebrating, and there will be gatherings and parades in cities from coast to coast.  Pride Month has become one of the most prominent holidays in the United States, but it actually hasn't been around that long.  In fact, the very first time it was officially recognized by the White House was in 1999...
June is Pride Month, commemorating the Stonewall uprising, which began on June 28, 1969. Though the first Gay Pride Liberation March took place in Manhattan in 1970 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Stonewall, it took 30 years for Pride Month to become official, in a 1999 proclamation from former President Bill Clinton.

I was stunned when I read that, because it seems like Pride Month has been around forever.

And this June it will be celebrated in virtually every single nation on the entire planet.

For the next 30 days, it won't be too difficult to distinguish those that support "Pride" from those that don't support "Pride".  People will be letting us know what they believe by what they wear, what flags they fly, what celebrations they attend, what they put on their social media profiles, and by the opinions that they share with others.

Needless to say, the Biden administration has very strong feelings about the month of June.  The following comes from the proclamation that the White House just released to commemorate Pride Month...

In June 1969, a courageous group of Americans rose up to protest the violence and marginalization they faced in what became known as the Stonewall Uprising. Police had raided the Stonewall Inn -- a gay bar located in New York City -- and for the next six days they clashed with LGBTQI+ protestors, who bravely stood their ground. Their courage sparked a civil rights movement for the liberation of the LGBTQI+ community and changed our Nation forever.

During Pride Month, we honor a movement that has grown stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive with every passing year. Pride is a celebration of generations of LGBTQI+ people, who have fought bravely to live openly and authentically. And it is a reminder that we still have generational work to do to ensure that everyone enjoys the full promise of equity, dignity, protection, and freedom.

Of course this comes at a time when LGBTQI+ issues are already creating a firestorm of controversy.

In recent weeks, conservatives all over the U.S. have been boycotting Bud Light after the company partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to celebrate "365 days of girlhood".

As a result of the boycott, Bud Light's sales have absolutely plummeted...

The sales volume of Bud Light dropped 29.5% in the week ending May 20 as compared to the same period last year, according to data provided to Newsweek by Bump Williams Consulting and Nielsen IQ.

But instead of reversing course, Bud Light has decided to double down...

Bud Light announced Tuesday that it is donating $200,000 to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce in support of its Communities of Color Initiative, as the company continues to struggle in the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney scandal.

The once most-popular beer brand in America continues to hemorrhage market value in the wake of its April partnership with trans Dylan Mulvaney.

Millions of conservatives are also boycotting Target, and this has caused the stock price of the company to fall precipitously...

Target shares dropped again on Wednesday as the retail juggernaut continues to suffer after LGBTQ Pride products outraged some customers across the nation.

Target shares dropped another 2.14%, marking the ninth straight decline, as tracked by Dow Jones Market Data Group.

Since widespread backlash over Pride merchandise polarized the nation, Target's market value has fallen over $13 billion to $60.44 billion as of Wednesday's closing price. The company's market value was over $74 billion earlier this month.

The "pride flag" was created in 1978, and so it is less than 50 years old.

But this June it will be displayed far more prominently in the U.S. than the American flag.

And it will be flown at the White House and at U.S. government buildings and embassies all over the world.

Never in our history have we flown another flag, and it should deeply alarm all of us that this "symbol of defiance" will be proudly displayed by thousands upon thousands of institutions from coast to coast.

Unfortunately, most of those that are flying this flag never even give much thought to who they are defying.

As I have repeatedly warned my readers, if we stay on the road that we are currently on there is no future for our nation.

So let us hope that millions of Americans wake up and realize what is truly going on, because time is quickly running out.

Originally published at End Of The American Dream - reposted with permission.

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