Islamization Grows In France

News Image By PNW Staff February 06, 2017
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Since its revolution in the 18th century, France has been known as a center of freethinking and modern Western values, but this has rapidly changed over the last fifteen years in a startling process of Islamization. 

Now many experts fear that France is nearing a tipping point in this culture war as Islamic values, Islamic law and Islam itself replaces French identity in a movement that seized the country from the bottom up.

For those interested in educating themselves on the destruction of France as a nation, two books titled Subjugated France look at this growing wave of Salafism, one in 2002 and its update 15 years later, show the replacement of French laws and French values with those of Islamic theocracy.

By French law, the government is barred from asking questions of race or religion through any census or official government action. 

The decades old law was intended to prevent racial and religious discrimination, but the effect has been to blind the French State to the true scope of the threat that it faces. 

Estimates of demographics shift as percentages of the population need to be inferred from other data, but all evidence indicates that the situation is now dire. 

Now, however, private organizations are attempting their own surveys to explore both the extent of the societal shift and the nature of radical Islam within French borders.

A survey conducted on 1,029 Muslims by the French Institute of Public Opinion was released on September 18th of 2016. The author of the study is Hakim el Karoui, a former advisor to the ex-Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin. 

The survey attempts to classify French Muslims based on their beliefs, an important step in a debate in which cries of "not all Muslims are terrorists" can drown out any rational argument.

The survey classifies French Muslims into three groups based on their religious views and behaviors as well as the extent of their rejection of French culture and values. 

The first group, which the study labels "secular Muslims", although it should be clear that they are anything but secular, comprises 46% of the Muslim population. 

A more devout demographic is given the label Islamic Pride Group in the study and it represents 25% of the total. 

The most radical segment of the population, at 28% of the total population, is referred to as "Ultras". 

The secular Muslims overwhelmingly favor obligating women to wear the hijab, including 60% who believe it should be worn at school. 

Of the secular Muslims, 70% always buy halal meat. With dress and food two significant components of one's cultural identity, it is plain to see that the most moderate group is not actually secular at all.

The Islamic Pride group supports the right to practice its faith, including the hijab and halal meat but rejects both the niqab (the full face covering) and polygamy. 

It does not accept prohibitions on religious practice at school or in any public place and identifies more with Islam than with France in general.

The Ultras, the true radicals among French Muslims are a young and growing demographic with 50% of their number under 25 years old. 

Taking Islam in its most extreme, most retrograde form, these Muslims believe in a violent rupture with Western values. 

Polygamy, the supremacy of Sharia law and the duty of Islam to dominate all aspects of life are a few of their beliefs. Based in conspiracy theories, ideas of anti-Western revolution and anti-Semitism, according to Hamid el Karoui, this "Islam of rupture" is Salafism of the most radical type. 

Even those who don't belong to a Mosque see themselves as Muslim first and French second with a duty to remake French society in the image of radical Islam.

Remaking French society through violence is exactly what has been occurring. Much has been written about the no-go zones throughout France where police and ordinary French citizens dare not enter for fear of Muslim violence. 

But now all-male caf├ęs are becoming more common throughout major cities and the uptick in terrorist attacks across France would be truly alarming if the French government weren't working so hard to conceal it from view.

Time and again, the government pulls away protections or denies that a violent attack was the work of terrorism, choosing to label it as "an unbalanced criminal" despite in some cases the use of Islamic State flags and shouts of Allahu Akbar. 

Over and over, the problem is debated, then denied. Documentaries on Salafism are classified as "restricted" by the government to prevent their wide distribution and anything offensive to Muslims is either prosecuted in French courts or avoided. 

Attacks on priests, on teachers, on Jews, on police and on soldiers go largely unanswered as Muslim immigrants continue to flood in.

The Muslim population in France is not all radical, as the survey showed. 

As many as 46% are religious but not above their French identity, though the presence of 28% of France's Muslims who identify as ultra radicals might alarm some, we must remember that when they shout Allahu Akbar while beheading an innocent Frenchman, it could be that they are not actually terrorists but just unbalanced, just madmen.

Or is it possible that the nation of France is unbalanced? Could it be that France itself has gone mad as it spirals into Islamic theocracy?  Ah, the Enlightenment!

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