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Netflix New 'Babysitters Club' Corrupts Another Classic With LGBT Indoctrination July 16, 2020

There's an entire generation of moms today who wouldn't think twice about sitting their kids down in front of Netflix new "Babysitters Club" show. And that, experts warn, is exactly the problem.

Christian Group Leads Charge Against Gambling In Northern Ireland 

The Christian charity CARE Northern Ireland has a long-standing opposition to gambling in the country for religious and moral reasons, with a particular emphasis on the social issues that sometimes come with gambling, and the perceived lack of treatment available for gambling addiction issues within the country.

Record Temps, Long Lines & Increasing Scarcity Will Test Americans Patience July 15, 2020

To say that our national mood is "fragile" right now would be a major understatement. I have never seen so much anger and frustration in this country in my entire lifetime, tens of millions of Americans have already lost their jobs and now here comes the summer heat.

U.S. Colleges: Proud To Be UnAmerican July 15, 2020

Higher education is teaching students to think critically all right -- about their own country. Turns out, this growing anti-American sentiment boiling over in our cities is no accident.

Weaponizing Words - 'White Supremacy' Is The New 'Homophobia' July 15, 2020

Dangerous logic is taking over our nation. If you do not believe that America today is, by and large, a white supremacist nation, then you are a white supremacist. Your very denial of white supremacy is proof that you are a white supremacist. And if you are a white Christian conservative, by default, you are a white supremacist.

Democrats Want Return To Rewarding Palestinian Terrorism With $250 Million July 15, 2020

Two years ago, Congress cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority because it pays salaries to terrorists. Now a group of Democratic members of Congress are trying to restore that funding, even though the P.A. continues to dole out salaries to terrorists.

Dismantling America - Progressives & Conservatives Battle For The Nations Future July 13, 2020

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is courting controversy again, stating this week that America must move far beyond simply addressing "racism in policing." It is time, Omar asserted, to begin "dismantling" the American economy itself.

5 Ways To Conquer The Cancel Culture July 13, 2020

As expected, the cancel culture is already out of control, now devouring itself. Should Charles Darwin be cancelled because of his racist theories or how about Planned Parenthood because of it's racist founder Margaret Sanger? Who on the left will still be standing?

How Israel Rescued The Promised Land From Devastation And Neglect July 13, 2020

The abundance of flora in Israel today makes it easy to forget that this land at the turn of the 20th century was a parched wasteland. It also raises the questions: How did this miraculous transformation take place, and who was responsible?

Embracing Celebrities Too Quickly Usually Results In Disappointment July 13, 2020

I've always been skeptical of the "pro-life celebrity." Not because I don't think that celebrities who sincerely oppose abortion don't exist, but because I believe celebrities are both unreliable and often undesirable advocates.

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