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Protein Powder: Not Just for Bodybuilders May 10, 2020

Without enough protein, bodybuilders may have a difficult time attaining the figures of their wildest dreams.

The Great Quarantine Revival You Are Not Hearing About May 07, 2020

You won't hear about it in the mainstream media, but a significant tremor of spiritual revival has been happening across our country during this time, so much so that it is now being referred to as "The Great Quarantine Revival".

First Plague, Now Famine - Is The Perfect Storm Brewing? May 07, 2020

Could it be possible that the stage is being set for horrific famines that the Bible has been warning us about for nearly 2,000 years? A few years ago, any talk of "coming famines" would have seemed absolutely ludicrous to most people in the western world, but the events of the last several months have changed everything.

NY Liberal Council Members Celebrate End Of Samaritans Purse Relief Work May 07, 2020

Even now, after treating 315 patients in its field hospital in Central Park, the news that Rev. Franklin Graham's work might soon be done was the only thing some liberal council members felt like celebrating. Instead of gratitude, their message to the charity is simple: Get out. And don't come back.

New Report On World's Worst Religious Freedom Violators May 07, 2020

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has released its 2020 annual report, naming the world's worst religious freedom violators.

LGBT Activists Message To Samaritans Purse - Thanks For Nothing, Bigots May 05, 2020

The volunteers with Samaritan's Purse risked their own lives to save the lives of strangers, but now that the immediate danger seems to have passed, LGBT activists are again demanding that they get evicted.

Shock Poll: Me-Centered Gospel Results In Dramatic Drop Of Biblical Beliefs May 05, 2020

A new Barna poll points to a dramatic drop in biblical beliefs among American Pentecostals and Charismatics. If the findings are accurate, what are the likely causes?

The Netherlands Legalizes Euthanasia, Even Against The Patient's Will May 05, 2020

In a case that marks a new descent into the darkness for humanity, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that a doctor who euthanized an elderly patient with dementia against her expressed wishes and while her family forcibly restrained her was innocent of any wrongdoing.

CV-1984: The Accelerated Rise Of Automated Robots May 05, 2020

CV-1984 is accelerating the spread of Orwellian surveillance devices like talking drones, facial recognition cameras, and more; but that's not the only technology that is advancing - robots or automated machines are also speeding up their deployment to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Life After COVID: A Look At The New Economy May 04, 2020

Many Americans are starting to get a taste of freedom after having been locked down in their homes for over a month and they're anxiously awaiting the day when things "get back to normal." I regret to inform you, that we're never going "back to normal."

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