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Palestinians: Accept Western Funds, Vote for Jihad August 04, 2020

More than 26 years after "Oslo," Hamas, backed by Iran, and their allies, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad, are far stronger, politically and militarily, than they were when the so-called Israeli-Palestinian peace process began. They are stronger because of the billions of dollars that the international community has lavished on the Palestinians for nearly 30 years.

Economic Devastation On A Scale That America Has Never Seen Before August 03, 2020

For a very long time we have been warned that a U.S. economic collapse was inevitably coming. Fear of COVID-19 and unprecedented civil unrest in our major cities have combined to plunge us into a historic economic downturn, and nobody is exactly sure what is going to happen next.

Israeli Flag Flown On Temple Mount: First Since 1967 August 03, 2020

A major step towards fixing the broken heart of the Jewish people on the Temple Mount was made on Tish B'Av, the day commemorating the destruction of the Temples: the Israeli flag was displayed for the first time since Israel conquered its holiest site in the 1967 Six-Day War.

What To Expect When No One Is Expecting - The Global Fertility Crash August 03, 2020

The world is facing a “jaw-dropping” global crash. Not an economic crash, but a crash in the birthrate and it will shake the economic and cultural order of almost every country in the world.

Riots And Protests From Portland To Jerusalem August 03, 2020

The Israeli protesters aren't as violent as their American peers, but their messages of hatred of Netanyahu are violent and the number of death threats against Netanyahu and his family published by leftists on social media has grown steeply over the past several weeks.

FedCoin: A New Digital Dollar Scheme For Tyranny Coming Soon? July 30, 2020

If some Congress members get their way, the Federal Reserve may soon be able to track many of your purchases in real time and share that information with government agencies. This is just one of the problems with the proposed "digital dollar" or "FedCoin."

Biggest Threat To The LGBT Movement: Ex-Gays Speaking Out July 30, 2020

Ex-gay colleagues have already informed me that their content is being removed from Facebook and their pages are being shut down, simply for stating that change is possible.

Turkey's Pan-Islamist Vision: From The Hagia Sophia To Jerusalem July 30, 2020

The decision to Islamize the Hagia Sophia, and Erdogan's subsequent declared "return to freedom" of Al Aqsa Mosque -- which stands in the heart of Jerusalem on the biblical Temple Mount -- expose even more starkly Erdogan's triumphalist pan-Islamist vision, as well as his loathing for Israel.

Israel Prepares For Next Hezbollah Attack July 29, 2020

The Israel Defense Forces remain on high alert along the Lebanese border in anticipation of a potential new attempt by Hezbollah to launch an attack in retaliation for the reported killing of its operative in an airstrike last week in Syria.

New Poll: Americans See The Hand Of God At Work In Current Events July 28, 2020

Sixty-three percent of religious Americans say that the novel coronavirus pandemic is a sign from God, telling humanity to change its ways of living, according to a new poll.

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