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France Quietly Reintroducing The Crime Of Blasphemy February 10, 2020

On January 18, Mila O., a 16-year-old French girl, made insulting comments about Islam during an Instagram livestream. Now under police protection, Mila is in such danger that no French school can, for the time being, accommodate her due to death threats.

Pro-Israel Democrats: Stop Bernie! February 10, 2020

With a major ad buy attacking Sanders by name and calling attention to his recent heart attack, as well as questioning his electability, a Super Pac backed by a centrist pro-Israel political action group fired a shot in what is becoming a nasty civil war between Jewish Democrats.

Watershed Moment For UK: The Banning Of Franklin Graham February 06, 2020

This week, something of great significance has happened in the UK. Something that has implications far beyond its shores and that will affect the Church and Western democracy for years to come.

Political Prof-iling? New Study Points To Massive Faculty Shift Leftward February 06, 2020

It's no secret that college campuses are liberal, but what is news is just how liberal they've become.

The Real Reason Arabs In Israel Do Not Want to Live In 'Palestine' February 06, 2020

Why are the 250,000 Arab Israelis living in the Triangle area strongly opposed to the idea of becoming part of a Palestinian state?

The Jewish Left Is Dead In Israel. Why Is It Thriving In America? February 06, 2020

Those who follow politics in both countries have already got used to the idea that Israeli Jews are living in a red state while American Jews inhabit a blue bubble. But we need to drill down a bit deeper and understand that the Jewish left has basically imploded in Israel, even as it still gains ground in the United States.

Number Of Persecuted Christians Continues To Grow Year After Year February 05, 2020

The number of persecuted Christians continues to grow year after year: "260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution," says the new 2020 report. This represents a 6% increase from 2019; then, 245 million Christians were persecuted and that was a 14% increase from 2018, when 215 million was the number.

360 Billion Locusts And Growing - A Plague Of Biblical Proportions February 05, 2020

What we are witnessing in east Africa and across much of the Middle East right now is hard to believe. 360 billion locusts are eating everything in sight, and UN officials are warning that this plague of "Biblical proportions" could get many times worse over the next several months.

Transgender Madness: Violent Male Pedophiles Freed After Identifying As Female February 05, 2020

If you were one of those inquiring souls who was wondering just how crazy the transgender phenomenon could get, the answer to that question may have just surfaced in the Des Moines Register under the headline: "Convicted of sex crimes as a man, felon no longer deemed threat because of gender change."

Palestinian State? Palestinians Pay $150 Million In Terrorist Salaries In 2019 February 05, 2020

Recently-published accounts reveal that the Palestinian Authority spent almost $150 million in 2019 on salaries and other benefits for convicted terrorists and their families.

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