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Why Is Facebook Putting An Islamist On It's Social Media Supreme Court? May 15, 2020

Nicknamed by some as Facebook's "Supreme Court," the independent oversight body has been tasked with making decisions on controversial content issues, including online extremism, hate speech and harassment.

Welcome To The New Economy: 'Contact Tracer' and 'Disease Investigator' May 13, 2020

For those who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown, it appears a whole new sector of jobs is opening up across the country. Cities and states are seeking "contact tracers" and "disease investigators" to track down anyone who may have COVID-19 or anyone who may have come in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

As The World Focuses On COVID-19, Earthquakes Are Rocking 'The Ring Of Fire' May 13, 2020

Within the past several days, large earthquakes have been striking all along the outer rim of the Pacific Ocean, and many are wondering if all of this activity could potentially be building up to something really big.

Anderson Cooper & The New Normal Of Surrogacy Oppression May 13, 2020

The speed at which our culture is able to normalize a behavior thought just yesterday to be somewhere between questionable to unthinkable is stunning. To not mention any shred of ethical hesitancy around the decision to purchase procreation, particularly by a couple who chose an intentionally sterile union in the first place.

Even Vigilant Parents Can Be Duped By Netflix's Rating System May 13, 2020

Maybe, like a lot of moms and dads, you assume a TV-14 Netflix show is the same as TV-14 on broadcast television. Well, I've got news for you, entertainment writer Michael Foust said: "It's not."

3 Strategies to Improve Your Website Content May 12, 2020

The content on your website speaks for your company and plays a crucial role in your search engine rankings and conversions rates.

ID2020 & Agenda 2030: Pathway To A Global Government & New World Order  May 11, 2020

The bottom line of all of this is that due to Covid-19, the end-time convergence of signs and conditions has been shifted into overdrive. The details of ID 2020 & Agenda 2030 are not secret - they are just hidden in plain sight.

Shock Poll - 52% Of Small Businesses May Not Survive May 11, 2020

Around the country, governors can choose to end the lockdowns, but they can't order customers to go out and spend money. Many small business owners are facing a "new normal" in which their monthly revenues will be down by 30, 40 or 50 percent (or more) for quite some time to come.

Fear Factor: What Our Virus Concerns Say About The Two Parties May 11, 2020

A new poll shows there's a significant divide over which concern should take precedence. By a 73-21 percent margin, Republicans say the economic threat is more serious -- while Democrats, 64 to 31 percent, worry more about health.

Will Annexing Settlements Cause World To Turn On Israel? May 11, 2020

Just how far can Israel go to assert its rights over disputed territory without doing genuine harm to its vital interests? That’s a debate that has divided Israelis since June 1967 when in the course of a defensive war it came into possession of the lands of what the Kingdom of Jordan called the West Bank, and Jewish tradition calls Judea and Samaria.

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