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Global Supply Chain Breakdowns To Get Worse This Fall - Get Ready For Shortages August 23, 2021

Global supply chains are now under more strain than we have ever seen in the post-World War II era, and unfortunately it appears that things are going to get even worse as we approach the holiday season.

Islamic Extremists Believe Islam Has Won In Afghanistan - Ready For Next Target August 23, 2021

The Taliban's dramatic seizure of power this week has certainly been a cause for celebration among jihadi extremists if their reaction to the power grab on social media is anything to go by.

Social Upheaval Ahead As Abortion Leads To Global Surplus Of Males August 23, 2021

According to a research recently published in the BMJ Global Health journal, around 4.7 million girls could be missing worldwide by the end of the decade due to sex-selective abortion.

Has The Collapse Of Afghanistan Sped Up A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan? August 20, 2021

For decades, the overwhelming strength of the United States restrained other major powers from becoming too adventurous. After watching how we abandoned our friends in Afghanistan, the Chinese publicly taunted authorities in Taiwan and warned that we would do the exact same thing to them.

Christians In Afghanistan Face A Future Of Persecution & Forced Conversions August 20, 2021

At this hour, Christian families in Afghanistan are hiding in their homes waiting for the inevitable knock on the door. Under the Taliban, there will be absolutely no tolerance for the Christian faith in Afghanistan as almost all converts are former Muslims.

10 Reflections On The Afghan Disaster August 20, 2021

The story of almost 20 years of American involvement in Afghanistan has ended in unmitigated disaster. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a worst-case scenario than the present one. But for now, here are 10 immediate reflections.

Rental Hyperinflation Leading Many To Desperation August 20, 2021

The current rental market can be summarized as follows: "soaring prices, competition, desperation" as the bubble facing homebuyers is rapidly spilling over into the rental market.

Ominous New Definitions For What Constitutes 'Domestic Terrorism' August 17, 2021

Are you a potential domestic terrorist? You may not think so, but the Department of Homeland Security may see things quite differently. A brand new terrorism advisory has just been issued, and some of the things that it identifies as "potential terror threats" should chill us to the core.

Taliban To Afghan Christians: We Know Who You Are, And We're Coming For You August 17, 2021

A church leader in Kabul has already said that the Taliban is sending letters to house churches warning them: "We know who you are, and we're coming for you." Release International is warning that persecution against Christians in Afghanistan under Taliban rule is coming and soon...

The New Gospel Of Self Esteem - Just Be You August 17, 2021

You can listen to one whole year of sermons from some popular preachers today without hearing a single word of reproof or rebuke or exhortation, other than the exhortation not to feel bad or sad since God wants to make you glad, glad, glad. Am I exaggerating?

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