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Churches And Pro-Life Orgs Have Been Attacked 41 Times In The Last 40 Days June 15, 2022

The recent spike in attacks against churches and pro-life organizations is part of a wider pattern of violence that has seen a marked uptick in the last two years.

Should Homeschooling Parents Be Put On A List? June 15, 2022

Christian families and, in particular, homeschooling ones should pay heed to the increasingly hostile war on children, beginning with pervasive intrusion into homes and threatened estrangement of children from their parents.

How Many Chief Financial Officers Expect Recession? Survey Results: 100% June 14, 2022

Have you ever heard of a survey where 100 percent of the respondents agree? I can't ever recall seeing one like that, but 100 percent of the corporate CFOs that were just surveyed by CNBC believe that a recession is coming.

No Matter What The Midterms Bring, Without Revival We Have Lost June 14, 2022

America's greatest problems are spiritual and moral first, leading to the larger societal, political, and economic challenges we face. Unless the heart is cured, the body will die.

Why Should Biden Bother Visiting The Mideast? June 14, 2022

Why should U.S. President Joe Biden bother traveling to the Middle East? Does he have a credible vision to share for tackling the real problems of this region?

The Black Lives That Don't Matter: 50 Christians Murdered in Their Church June 14, 2022

So, what will the UN and other large governmental bodies do now in response to the shooting up of yet another church and murder of more than 50 Christians? Probably nothing -- apart from trying to silence whoever tries to expose the ideology that many of the murderers say drives them.

The Summer Of Starvation: Fertilizer Crunch Could Lead To Worldwide Food Riots June 10, 2022

One of the most pernicious consequences resulting from the Ukraine war, has been the unprecedented spike in fertilizer prices that has sparked a historic surge in food prices and collapse in supply chains around the globe. What we have seen thus far is about to get much worse.

State Dept: Offending the World All Pride Month Long June 10, 2022

When does a tweet carry real-world consequences? When it has potential to spark an international incident. But that didn't stop official U.S. embassy accounts tweeting about LGBT Pride Month in countries where such behavior is not accepted.

Kohanim Recreate Shavuot Service In Step To Reestablishing Third Temple June 10, 2022

The Temple rituals mandated for the holiday of Shavuoth were recreated on Monday in Mitzpeh Yericho in preparation for the prophesied building of the Third Temple.

A Struggling Society Is One Ripe For The Gospel June 10, 2022

Everything about the pandemic increased individual and collective anxiety, isolation, and economic uncertainty. However, the coarsening of the American public was already happening. You might call it a 'pre-existing condition' that was made worse by COVID-19.

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