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Next Generation Weapons & The New World Order October 18, 2019

The rise of artificial intelligence and drone swarms is a destabilizing event that will affect the entire world. Together, these new technologies will overturn the post-war stability of MAD and create a new world order with only one winner.

The War For Our Youth - Why Creation Still Matters October 18, 2019

What happens when the Church stops teaching parts of the Bible? Well, easy, the world will supply the answers. And, that's exactly what is happening to our youth today, because many of our Christian schools do not teach Apologetics. They do not believe in the Creation account. As a result, six independent studies concluded that over 60% of our youth today are leaving the Church.

When Israel's Enemies Endorse A Jewish Candidate October 18, 2019

What is a candidate like Sanders, who is not only Jewish but describes himself as "100 percent pro-Israel," doing surrounded by people like Omar, Sarsour and Zahr? Sanders embodies a new definition of Jewish identify in which a sense of Jewish peoplehood and support for the rights of Jews is replaced by a universalist desire to embrace the Jewish state's enemies.

Trump's Mideast Moves Show Why Israeli Deterrence Is Crucial October 18, 2019

Even though Israel is always worse off when America looks weak or unreliable in the Mideast, it's in a very different position from either Saudi Arabia or the Kurds because it has always insisted on defending itself by itself rather than expecting American soldiers to fight on its behalf.

Democrats Plan To Target Churches Opposed To LGTB Rights Laid Bare October 16, 2019

When Beto blurted out that it was his view that religious institutions and churches who hold to the traditional view of marriage should be punished by losing their tax-exempt status, the Left was furious. Not because they disagree with him - they just do not think it is a smart thing to say right now.

Why The NBA (And So Many Other Companies) Cave To China October 16, 2019

The NBA will boycott North Carolina over bathrooms but will morally hem and haw and say "it's complicated" when it comes to China's practices of harvesting organs, persecuting religious minority groups, and forcing abortions on women? Cowardice.

Terror Attacks In France: A Culture Of Denial October 16, 2019

According to a study by the Montaigne Institute, 29% of Muslims in France believe that Sharia law is more important than French law. This means that almost one-third of French Muslims live according to values that are fundamentally incompatible with French or Western standards.

What The Golan Heights Can Teach Us About Peace For Israel October 16, 2019

In the decades following the Six Day War, no fewer than 30 Jewish settlements were established in the Golan Heights, transforming it into an agricultural and industrial success story.

Democrat Candidates Push LGBT Activism Front & Center October 15, 2019

Don't blame me for writing yet another article on LGBT issues. Blame Beto. Or Booker. Or Biden. Or Buttigieg. Or Warren. The Democratic presidential candidates are pushing this agenda, and quite aggressively at that.

China's War On The Bible: If You Can't Ban It, Alter It October 15, 2019

The government is scared of the churches and is cracking down on them. Since they cannot eliminate Christianity, the Party's goal is to pervert it, creating a version of Christianity that doesn't threaten the Party's claim of ultimate authority.

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