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If Food Rationing Can Happen in Germany, It Can Happen Here July 04, 2022

While American supermarkets have been experiencing shortages and prices have been rising, so far, we haven't truly seen food rationing. We've been rationing infant formula, but that's about it. European countries, however, cannot say the same and it could be a warning to what will happen here in the near future.

83% Of Americans Cut Back On Spending As Economy Careens Towards Crisis July 04, 2022

The US consumer is tapping out under the weight of inflation, maxed out credit cards, collapsed personal savings, and negative real-wage growth.

Presbyterian Church Compares Israel To Nazis, Calls Christian Zionism Heresy July 04, 2022

The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America, an umbrella group representing churches across the country claiming over 1.7 million members, has passed several anti-Israel resolutions including one that labeled Israel an apartheid state.

Two Government Crackdowns That Helped Spread The Gospel July 04, 2022

Western Christians facing legal penalties for sharing the Bible say their persecution has opened up new opportunities to share the gospel with wider audiences than ever.

Will A Financial Crisis Be The Trigger For The Rise Of The Antichrist? June 30, 2022

In times of chaos and economic instability, dangerous political leaders and demagogues capture the public imagination. Past economic crises led to the rise of Napoleon, the launch of the Bolshevik Revolution, and the consolidation of German state power in the hands off Adolph Hitler.

Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions & Homelessness June 30, 2022

A tidal wave of evictions could be ahead. More than eight million Americans are behind on rent payments, and the CDC's series of eviction moratoriums has long since expired. In other words, the government safety net to keep people off the streets is gone.

Nationwide Belief In God At An All-Time Low June 30, 2022

Although a vast majority of Americans still do believe in God, 17% do not, a number that David Closson, Family Research Council's director of Family Research Council's Center for Biblical Worldview, thinks is linked to the cultural, political, and spiritual state of the country.

Biden Will Have Trouble Visiting Palestinian Area Not Named After Terrorist June 30, 2022

Next month, Biden will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit the territories governed by the Palestinian Authority. The problem for the aides who are planning the president's itinerary is that, if they are not extremely careful, Biden could find himself at one of the many public squares, schools or other sites named after a terrorist.

Warning - The Coming Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Could Cripple Our Economy June 28, 2022

Most Americans don't spend much time thinking about diesel, but without it our supply chains collapse and we don't have a functioning economy.

Canada About To Create It's Own Ministry Of Truth To Regulate Online Content June 28, 2022

Canada’s controversial Bill C-11, which will give the Government’s media watchdog the authority to regulate online content, passed the House after its third reading. As it heads to the Senate, some Canadian YouTubers have said they will leave the country if it passes.

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