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Ezekiel's Hoofbeats Get Louder With Turkey's Influence Over Libya January 06, 2019

Under the leadership of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP Party, which has ruled Turkey for nearly 20 years, has become increasingly preoccupied with Turkey's Ottoman past.

Consent In A Culture Of Confusion January 06, 2020

Our culture wants so-called sexual freedom, while also demanding that everyone play by some set of rules we can't nail down and refuse to ground in anything substantial. How can we expect everyone to live by the same standard - like consent - while rebuffing the very notion of having standards in the first place?

Know More about the New Spot to Enjoy Online Casino Games 

Peoples get bored very quickly when they have nothing to do. And the first thought that comes to their mind is playing casino games. Why?

Upside Down: Pope Francis Discourages Evangelism, Kanye West Preaching Gospel December 31, 2019

I find it quite bizarre that Kanye West and Pope Francis are both running in completely opposite directions in regards to sharing the gospel.

War Drums 2020: US Airstrikes Hit Iranian-Backed Militias, More Conflict Coming December 31, 2019

A lot of people seem to have forgotten that we were literally on the brink of war with Iran earlier this year. Back in June, President Trump cancelled a major U.S. bombing mission against Iran at the last minute, and things seemed to settle down quite a bit since that time. But now tensions are rising once again.

Posing As 11-Year-Old Online: The Scary Things One Mom Learned December 31, 2019

"What if we just set up fake accounts ourselves to demonstrate to parents what can happen online?" her friend, Brian, asked. "I raised both eyebrows at the idea. Waited a beat to see if he was joking. He wasn't."

Democrats For Palestine? December 31, 2019

Democratic candidates are currently tumbling over each other in their eager challenge to President Donald Trump's pro-Israel benevolence. It is with revealing irony that the most volatile Democratic critic of Israel is a Jew.

What Do They Know? US And Russia Developing Plan To Deal With Incoming Asteroids December 30, 2019

When the Russians take decisive action, it is usually for a reason. The Russians have suddenly decided that now is the time to create an organization that will be tasked with detecting, tracking and potentially destroying incoming asteroids. Are they doing this now because they have finally decided that this is a good idea, or has something gotten their attention?

Personal Revival: A Goal To Set For 2020 December 30, 2019

It's common to make resolutions when we enter the new year. I will be a better person. I will be more disciplined. I will complete a particular task. I will change in one specific area. For the most part, though, we break more resolutions than we keep, leading to a cycle of frustration, disappointment, and even cynicism.

Hamas Has Lost Its Mojo In Gaza December 30, 2019

Hamas is trying to put the best possible spin on the collapse of the "Great March of Return" protests that have petered out after almost two years of failure.

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