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Can Combined Christian-Jewish Vote Pack A Punch For Trump? October 29, 2020

Is the Jewish vote a lost cause for U.S. President Donald Trump? Not if Jews and Christians are grouped in the same constituency, says New York real estate developer Ronald J. Edelstein, who has done business with the president and is working to build support for him ahead of Nov. 3.

The First Post-Christian Generation Is Coming - And It Will Transform America October 27, 2020

Those promising a bright American future are simply not looking at the data. Western civilization--not just the United States--is on the brink of a long and dark post-Christian moment.

Three Things Americans Are Doing To Prepare For Election Chaos & Covid 2nd Wave October 27, 2020

As we approach the end of 2020, a "perfect storm" of circumstances is causing the anxiety level of many Americans to go through the roof, and millions are preparing for the worst.

New Data Reveals Just How Many Americans Temporarily Moved To Escape Pandemic October 26, 2020

Moving-focused group MyMove analyzed data from the USPS about change-of-address requests. By far, this is the most comprehensive snapshot of migration trends during the coronavirus pandemic - revealing nearly 16 million Americans moved between February and July.

"Why Are You Killing Christians?" Trump Asks Nigeria's President October 26, 2020

Earlier this year, Christian Solidarity International issued a "Genocide Warning for Christians in Nigeria" in response to the "rising tide of violence directed against Nigerian Christians and others classified as 'infidels' by Islamist militants"

Law Enforcement Across America Is Preparing For Massive Election Riots October 22, 2020

Authorities have decided to "plan for the worst" because everyone can see what is potentially coming. But if we can't hold a presidential election without violence at this point, how much longer can our system possibly last? No matter who ends up winning, I think that the election of 2020 will tell us a lot about how far America has already fallen.

End Time Signs - Dramatic Increase In Travel & Knowledge October 22, 2020

Twenty-six hundred years ago, God provided the prophet Daniel with a number of visions concerning the future. In one of these visions, God revealed several events set to take place just prior to the Second Coming. But an angel told Daniel to seal up his vision until the end times, "when travel and knowledge will increase".

January Is Going To Be A Mess - A Tsunami Of Evictions Expected Across US October 22, 2020

2020 has been a nightmarish year for millions of America's renters. At least 8 million of them are facing eviction in the coming months. Collectively, these folks owe an estimated $32 billion in back rent. January could bring a surge of homelessness unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Hollywood's Plan To Normalize Abortion Through Comedy October 22, 2020

If the entertainment industry can get you laughing at things that God hates, it has, in effect, already won a huge victory. You might still call sin "sin." But because they can make you think it's funny, they know you cannot take it as seriously.

COVID's Trojan Horse: The Great Reset & The Green New Deal October 20, 2020

Agenda 2030 and its United States' equivalent, the Green New Deal, are the engines behind the coming economic control that the elite globalists plan to impose on the world. The Marxist nature of these programs is slavery by any other name.

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