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Finding Europe's Hidden Conservatives April 24, 2020

Does Europe have any conservatives? That is, believers in individual responsibility, national independence, free markets, a single law for all, the traditional family, and maximum freedom of speech and religion.

Leftists Want Homeschooling Banned To Stop Conservative Christian Influence April 22, 2020

A Harvard law professor and faculty director of Harvard Law School's Child Advocacy Program, has chosen now of all times to come out and lay out what she believes is one the greatest threats to the wellbeing of children today: Homeschooling.

Dangerous Precedence: Snitching On Your Neighbors For Breaking Social Distancing April 22, 2020

Public shaming is nothing new, and neither is shaming others on social media. Now people have taken it to an entirely new level by shaming those on social media who are violating social distancing rules.

What People Are Reading During Quarantine - New Records For Bible App April 22, 2020

There are some benefits to being stuck at home, YouVersion is reporting. For one, people have more time to read. And what they're reading, surveys say, is important.

Caste Aside: India's Christians Forced To Face Virus Alone April 22, 2020

Christians are being put on the front lines with the most contagious in India because they're considered expendable by Hindu nationalists.

Lutherans Publish New Bible Version That Omits The Word 'Israel' April 21, 2020

A recently published translation of the New Testament has one glaring omission: it has purged all references to the place and the people of the Bible.

Food Shock: Meat Prices Surge As More Processing Plants Shut Down April 21, 2020

China-owned Smithfield Food's decision to temporarily shutter the largest pork processing plant in the US, based in Sioux Falls, SD, due to a coronavirus outbreak is a much more significant event than the mainstream media gave credit for.

Social Media Platforms Use Virus To Shut Down Debate April 21, 2020

Sometimes a crisis brings out the best in people -- and sometimes, it only makes other problems worse. In the world of Big Tech censorship, this pandemic is turning into just another excuse for social media magnates to shut down debate.

Abortion Movement Exploits Pandemic To Advance At-Home Abortions April 21, 2020

World abortion leaders are not concerned about women, they are concerned with population control. That concern is undoubtedly heightened amid a pandemic that could produce a baby boom and they are advancing their agenda to stop it.

How Do I Use the 50/30/20 Rule? 

A budget is a great way to keep track of your finances and make sure you can avoid overspending. If you do not have the patience to track your expenses in detailed categories, the 50/30/20 rule can be a good tool.

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