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The Real Cost Of President Biden's Radical Transgender Activism January 25, 2021

Of all the things that incoming President Joe Biden could do on his first day in office, why was one of them signing a radical executive order promoting transgender activism?

New Fears Biden Will Revive International Criminal Court Action Against Israel January 25,2021

The change in administration in the US has led to fears that the ICC will renew its criminal case against Israel. If successful, the case, brought by the PLO, would call for European countries to arrest Israeli officials who travel outside the Holy Land.

2020 Was A Personal Financial Disaster For 55 Percent Of All Americans January 22, 2021

Approximately 12 million U.S. renters are at least $5,850 behind in rent and utilities payments and up to 40 million people could be facing eviction when the rent and mortgage moratoriums finally end later this year.

Biden's Iran Policy Could Put It On Collision Course With Israel January 22, 2021

As the United States enters the Biden era, Sen. Ted Cruz warns that the relationship between Washington and Jerusalem is poised to become particularly fragile, mainly because he believes the policies the new administration will pursue with respect to Iran will pose significant security challenges for Israel.

New Science A Game Changer On Trans Sports January 22, 2021

It's been one of the fiercest debates of the last year -- erupting in boxing rings, Olympic committees, even high school tracks. Should biological boys be allowed to compete against girls in the name of inclusion?

The Changing Of The Guard In US-Israel Relations January 22, 2021

Like many American policies now expected to undergo an about-face following the inauguration of 46th President Joe Biden, U.S.-Israel relations may be gearing up for a great reset.

Global Persecution Of Christians Increased Dramatically In Last Year January 21, 2021

Christians are being slaughtered all across Africa, they are being taken to concentration camps in North Korea and thousands of churches have been brutally shut down under a new wave of persecution in China. Of course most Americans have never heard about any of this because the mainstream media won't cover it.

Planned Profiting: Abortion Groups Line Up With Demands For New Administration January 21, 2021

It's been a long time since Planned Parenthood had such a good friend in the White House. And CEO Alexis McGill Johnson is making sure they cash in on every moment.

LGBT Lobby Wants Biden To Target Christian Schools That Follow Biblical Values January 21, 2021

LGBT organizations, infuriated by the four-year pause in the rainbow blitzkrieg transforming American institutions, is going to come after Christians with a vengeance and at the top of the hit list are Christian institutions that do not meet the demands of the LGBTQ orthodoxy.

Five Ways To Prepare For The Days Ahead January 21, 2021

Wasting away in a Turkish prison wasn't how Andrew Brunson would have chosen to spend two years of his life -- but after watching turmoil of the last two weeks unfold, he's more convinced than ever: God was preparing him for this moment. Persecution is coming, he believes. And there's no greater burden on his heart than to make sure Americans are ready for it.

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