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Message To Every Parent On Gender Transition: Don't Think It Can't Happen To You March 02, 2020

Unless our leaders have the courage to step in and stop it, our kids will continue to be mutilated, sterilized, and destroyed over their parents' fiercest objections.

Schools Are Pushing the Boundaries of Surveillance Technologies March 02, 2020

A school district in New York recently adopted facial recognition technology to monitor students, and it is now one of a growing number of schools across the country conducting mass privacy violations of kids in the name of "safety."

Israel Warns Of Corbynization Of The Democratic Party March 02, 2020

The Israeli public cannot influence the outcome of the U.S. elections. But on Monday, it will determine how Israel will respond to aggression against it--whether that aggression emanates from Gaza or from Washington.

God Makes Us Calm: 5 Bible Verses For Discomfort and Anxieties 

We may fail, but the Bible will always prove that we are not alone in the battle we face. God is always there to accompany our footsteps.

China Faces Financial Armageddon Countdown - World Economy At Risk February 27, 2020

China's giant state-owned companies will likely have enough of a liquidity lifeblood to last them for 2-3 quarters, it is the country's small businesses that are facing a head on collision with an iceberg, over 85% of small businesses - which employ 80% of China's population - are expect to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.

Schools Helping Students To Gender Transition Without Parental Knowlege February 27, 2020

Imagine dropping your son off at school, never knowing that he lives a completely different existence as a girl for eight hours a day -- and everyone knows it but you. And not only do teachers know it, but they go to great lengths to hide it.

Mayor Pete Shamelessly Gives 9-Year-Old National Platform To Come Out As Gay February 27, 2020

A pro-gay, middle school teacher told me some years ago that coming out as gay was the new fad in her school, the new "cool" thing to do. She then told me that, a few days earlier, a 12-year-old boy came out as gay to his class, only to say to this teacher the next day, "I think I made a mistake. Can I take it back?"

Islamic Jihad Looking To Provoke Armed Conflict With Israel  February 27, 2020

PIJ is trying to strategically spoil ongoing negotiations and force Hamas into a war it does not want to fight right now. Palestinian terrorism against Israelis is often a product of infighting among competing factions -- a competition over who can challenge Israel most effectively in an effort to lead the Palestinian constituency.

Are You Financially Prepared To Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak? February 26, 2020

A great deal has been written about the economic hits on a global scale as well as the shortages we could soon expect as production in China grinds to a halt, but what about simply being able to pay your rent when your workplace or business is ordered to shut its doors? How will containment efforts affect average folks financially if the outbreak spreads here?

Progressive Pastors Failing The Church - Mainline Churches Abandon Scripture February 26, 2020

47% of mainline pastors now support same-sex marriage. Presbyterian or Reformed (49%), Methodist (47%), Lutheran (35%) and Christian/Church of Christ pastors (20%) are more likely to see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage.

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