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Understanding Iran's End Times Eschatology - The Mahdi & The Mosque January 08, 2020

For the first time ever, a blood red flag is being flown over the famous Jamkaran Mosque in the Iranian “holy city” of Qom. The fact that this mosque is directly associated with the Islamic Mahdi makes this symbolic gesture doubly significant.

Why Is The UN Hiring English-Speaking Disarmament Officers In New York? January 08, 2020

For all the folks who have been saying "nobody is trying to take your guns" you might want to read this job listing and reconsider your opinion.

Why Young People Leave The Church January 08, 2020

According to Pew Research, four in ten Americans between the ages of 23 and 38 now say they are religiously unaffiliated. This is the biggest drop in religiosity between generations ever recorded.

Who Made Hollywood Icons Moral Authorities? January 08, 2020

At the moment, Ricky Gervais' scathing takedown of woke Hollywood at the Golden Globes Sunday night is getting all the attention it deserves. But Gervais' frontal assault on Hollywood hypocrisy begs a deeper question. Why should we even care what Hollywood icons have to say?

The Culture Wars Exploded Over The Last Decade. What Comes Next? January 07, 2020

The last ten years have brought cultural changes that would have been unfathomable at the beginning of the decade, reminding us how swiftly things can shift. These progressives will not be satisfied until they have subjugated their opponents. In the next decade, we will discover whether they will achieve their goals.

China Just Escalated Their Brutal Persecution Of Christians January 07, 2020

Over the past several years, scores of pastors have been arrested, countless underground churches have been shut down, and thousands of Bibles have been burned. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for Chinese officials, and so they have now taken things to an entirely new level.

Foreshadowing Of Ezekiel's Spoil - Israel's Natural Gas Treasure January 07, 2020

Leviathan is the second-largest natural gas reserve found in the Mediterranean to date, and it's extremely likely that significant additional quantities of natural gas are present in Israeli territorial waters that could result in billions more in revenue.

Direct Confrontation Between Iran & Israel Expected In 2020 January 07, 2020

For several years, Israel has focused on punishing Iran for entrenching its forces in Syria, in an effort to consolidate a land bridge from Iran through Syria to Lebanon. But the key to Iran's plan runs through Iraq.

Hezbollah To Be Unleashed Inside America?  January 06, 2020

There has never been a greater threat of terror attacks on U.S. soil than there is right now. Many of the talking heads on television are speculating that Iran may hit American targets in the Middle East, but what they are forgetting is that Iranian-backed terror groups already have a substantial presence in North America.

Europe: Anti-Christian Attacks Reached All-Time High In 2019 January 06, 2020

Anti-Christian hostility is sweeping across Western Europe, where, during 2019, Christian churches and symbols were deliberately attacked day after day and is on track to becoming a record year for anti-Christian sacrilege on the continent.

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