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Next Hezbollah-Israel War Only A Matter Of Time April 05, 2021

Despite a collapsing Lebanese economy and considerable political turmoil, Hezbollah continues to threaten Israel. These threats must be taken seriously, as they continue to grow their stockpile of long-range, medium range, and short-range missiles that can reach every square inch of Israel.

Feds Warn Mortgage Firms: 'Tidal Wave Of Distress' Coming In 2nd Half Of Year April 05, 2021

As of March 30, approximately 2.54 million homeowners remain in forbearance. When forbearance relief from Covid lapses in the 2nd half of this year, many will not be prepared.

Why Revival Is America‚Äôs Only Hope! April 01, 2021

The results are in: America's stage four cancer has metastasized to the family and the church as well as to the government and the schools. Is there any hope for our nation?

Health & Human Services Has Been Weaponized For Transgender Advocacy April 01, 2021

The Biden administration made history last week, but not the kind that most Americans will celebrate. In a tight, near party-line vote, the Senate confirmed the president's transgender pick for deputy secretary of HHS, Rachel Levine -- whose idea of "health care" is sterilizing and mutilating young children.

5 Takeaways From the New 'Satan Sneakers' April 01, 2021

The announcement of rapper Lil Nas X's limited-edition Satan Sneakers which feature a drop of human blood has created a media firestorm, which was the most obvious goal of the campaign.

Terrorists All Set to Win Palestinian Elections April 01, 2021

The Palestinian Central Elections Commission recently announced that any Palestinian who wants to run in the upcoming elections "must not be convicted of a crime or felony against honor or integrity." That is, of course, unless the "crime" includes murdering a Jew or involvement in terrorism.

The Great Shift - Changing Christian Demographics Around The World  March 29, 2021

One of the major religion-related news headlines today revolves around the decline of Christianity in North America. Western Europe is now considered post-Christian and surveys consistently report declines in religious belief, attendance, and self-identification.

The Digital Fingerprint You Had No Idea Is Attached To Every Photo You Take March 29, 2021

In a day and age where everyone is walking around carrying a portable GPS/supercomputer in their pockets, it should be of no surprise that location data can help track you at almost any given point in the day.

Turkey's Quest To Build An Islamic Superpower March 29, 2021

The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque seems to have been intended as a watershed in Islamic history that heralds the establishment of a powerful league of Muslim nations to face the West under the Turkish leadership.

Mass Shootings And A Culture Without A Conscience March 29, 2021

There have been two mass shootings in a little over a week, on opposites sides of the country by individuals who, from what we currently know, sit on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum.

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