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Christian Character & The NFL Draft  April 30, 2021

The presumption persists that the priorities shaped by a sincere faith are somehow liabilities and obstacles to athletic success. So, when #1 draft pick Lawrence tweeted, "I am secure in who I am, and what I believe. I don't need football to make me feel worthy as a person," the critics pounced.

The Iranian Trap April 30, 2021

In the Middle East, regimes have the nasty habit of tabbing into holy causes for legitimacy, yet those holy causes become new religions that no one can control.

Will An Economic Reset Push Us Into Digital Currency? April 28, 2021

Supporters of the World Economic Forum's all-encompassing Great Reset agenda are eyeing big changes for the global monetary system. Plans that might once have been dismissed as pure speculation or conspiracy theories are now being openly pushed by people who occupy the highest levels of power.

China's Social Credit Scoring System Spreads It's Reach Into Canada April 28, 2021

China's Orwellian "social credit system" that records the social and financial behavior of individuals and corporations across China, using a vast surveillance system, has expanded globally, and is now openly operational in Western Canada.

Israel Has No Choice But To Act On Its Own To Stop Iran April 28, 2021

The inescapable conclusion from recent events is that the Israelis should be in no doubt about the fact that they are being abandoned by the United States with respect to Iran. This leaves Israel with no good options.

Israeli Lawmaker Vows Support For Control Over Temple Mount, Rebuilding Temple April 28, 2021

Freshmen Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir (Religious Zionism) was recently sworn into the Israeli parliament and lamented the hesitancy of the Israeli government to assert full sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Amazon Expands Pay By Palm - Another Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast? April 26, 2021

Amazon is expanding its palm-scanning payment system to a Whole Foods store in Seattle, the first of many planned rollouts at other locations. If Amazon's use of palm prints for identification and payment systems sounds like something you have read in the Book of Revelation you are correct.

Farmers Warn Megadrought In Western U.S. Threatens Devastating Crop Failures April 26, 2021

Throughout U.S. history, there have always been droughts in the western half of the country from time to time, but what we are dealing with now is truly alarming. Scientists tell us that a multi-year "megadrought" has developed in the southwestern portion of the country, and this is the worst year of that "megadrought" so far by a wide margin.

LGBT Nation: US Embassies Around World To Fly Rainbow Flag April 26, 2021

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has given approval for U.S. embassies and consulates around the world to fly the rainbow LGBT pride flag on the same pole as the American flag.

For Leftist Progressives, Netanyahu Isn't The Problem, Israel Is April 26, 2021

The Democrat leadership in both houses not only refuses to take any steps against the Israel-hating progressives. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and Pelosi are promoting them even as they push policies openly geared toward empowering Israel's enemies and weakening Israel.

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