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World Turns Blind Eye To Intensifying Genocide Of Nigerian Christians October 11, 2021

What several international observers have for years characterized as a "pure genocide" of Christians in Nigeria has reached new levels but you would never know it from mainstream news reporting.

CRT Revolutionaries Want Conservative Parents Branded As Domestic Terrorists October 11, 2021

How does a nation lose its freedom? One way, of course, is through foreign conquest. History is filled with examples of nations being subjugated and enslaved by foreign tyranny. Today, in the United States, Americans are not losing their liberty to a foreign power, but to domestic revolutionaries.

Growing Global Energy Crisis Will Compound 'Everything Shortage' October 09, 2021

This is going to be one tough winter. On top of everything else we are facing, a very alarming energy crisis is rapidly growing all over the world. Supplies of natural gas and coal are getting tighter by the day, and this is dramatically affecting manufacturing in major exporters such as China.

The War On Cash Continues - Fedcoin Digital Currency Could Kill Cash October 09, 2021

The drive to create a "FedCoin" is primarily rooted in the fear that not having a central bank digital currency could potentially threaten the dollar's dominance in the global financial system. In that respect, it's like any other technological arms race.

Biological Male Wins New Zealand's 'Sportswoman Of The Year' Award October 09, 2021

In order to double down, the elites hand a biological male an award dedicated to women, which has the happy side effect of rubbing this insanity in everyone's faces.

Poking God In The Eye - Biden Administration Supporting PA Claims To Jerusalem October 09, 2021

The Biden administration is trying to partially undo one of Israel's greatest diplomatic achievements of recent decades--the recognition of Israel's sovereignty over all of Jerusalem by the United States.

Three Simple Metrics To Gauge If We Are In The End Times October 07, 2021

There are a handful of key factors we can keep an eye on to gauge where we are on God's timetable. We can't know the day or hour, but Scripture tells us we can know the season and this compelling list of metrics can show us how close we must be.

Israeli Economist Warns Shemitah Year Pattern Means Financial Crisis Coming October 07, 2021

The current Hebrew year, 5782, began on Rosh Hashanna one month ago, beginning a new shemitah (sabbatical) year. One Israeli economist has chronicled a correlation between the seven-year shemitah cycle and major economic events. If his theory is correct, the world is about to enter a major crisis.

Nuclear Armed Iran More Dangerous Than North Korea October 07, 2021

The Iranian regime is nearing an atomic milestone in acquiring nuclear weapons. In the meantime, the Biden administration does not seem to have a clear agenda to prevent the mullahs from going nuclear.

Hamas Is Building a Second Front Against Israel in Lebanon October 07, 2021

In recent days, a senior Iranian military commander boasted that his country has built "six armies outside its borders that work for it." One of these terror armies -- Hamas -- is busy building a second front against Israel in Lebanon, and is trampling on Hezbollah's toes in the process.

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