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The Critical Timing Of The Assassination Of Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist November 30, 2020

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the senior Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated by a hit squad outside of Tehran on Friday, was being "reserved" by the Iranian regime for the day that Iran's nuclear program would enter a new stage.

Donald Trump's Gifts To Israel November 30, 2020

The NY Times cannot acknowledge that the American president who has provided the most support and protection for Israel since Harry Truman recognized the Jewish state moments after its birth, is Donald Trump.

The Great Relocation: Americans On The Move Because They Feel Something Coming November 25, 2020

This is a really odd time to be having a "housing boom". The chaotic events of 2020 have caused "millions of Americans" to relocate but many still fear there is worse to come.

More Anti-Israel Personnel Make Their Way Into Biden Administration November 25, 2020

As Joe Biden begins to announce his potential staffers, the future of the Democratic party becomes clear; a staffer who advocates for Palestinian suicide bombing and heavy criticism of any Jews appointed.

Progressive Parents Brainwashing Children Into Trans Lifestyle November 25, 2020

As it turns out, "transgender baptisms" are catching on. Earlier this week, Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire posted a clip from the HBO documentary Transhood depicting a child being inducted into transgenderism via a religious ceremony conducted by a woman.

Eugenics 2.0: Today, Children With Down Syndrome, Tomorrow Seniors With Dementia November 25, 2020

Today, it's children with Down syndrome -- tomorrow, it's seniors with dementia. Once you lose the moral foundation that says people have meaning because they're created in the image of God, anything's possible.

'The Great Reset' Is Just An Updated Blueprint For The New World Order November 23, 2020

The globalists envision a "sustainable" future in which all forms of human activity are very closely monitored and controlled for "the good of the planet". They are entirely convinced that a global system in which all the nations of the world are increasingly integrated is what is best for humanity.

UN World Food Program Warns Of 'Famines Of Biblical Proportions In 2021' November 23, 2020

The head of the World Food Program says the Nobel Peace Prize has given the U.N. agency a spotlight and megaphone to warn world leaders that next year is going to be worse than this year, and without billions of dollars "we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021."

Leftists Want Biden To Target Christian Schools Accreditation November 23, 2020

They're coming for Christian schools and it will be an assault like we've never seen before. They want to force the Biden administration to use the power of executive orders through the Department of Education to deny any school that stands against the LGBTQ revolution their accreditation.

Hezbollah's Extensive Missile Program Sets Tone For Next Conflict With Israel November 23, 2020

While Israel's air defense layers can stop many projectile attacks, a barrage of guided missiles on strategic or critical sites would pose a significantly greater challenge to the country's infrastructure, economy, or ability to defend itself.

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