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Veteran Arrested For "Causing Anxiety" To Trans Activists With Social Media Post August 04, 2022

That's a middle-aged man, being arrested by police, for criticizing the trans movement on Twitter-and not a peep from the media so far until this short article from The Spectator yesterday.

Ezekiel's Dry Bones Live - Israel Becomes The Center Of Jewish Life August 04, 2022

It is predicted that by the year 2048, the 100th anniversary of the State of Israel, two thirds of the world's Jewish population, about 12 million, will live in Israel.

Just A Taste Of What Will Happen To Our Economy If We Go To War With China August 03, 2022

Here in the United States, we are being told to disregard such "propaganda" and the "empty threats" that the Chinese are supposedly making. But are they really "empty threats"? What if they aren't? What if the Chinese really mean what they say?

The Fog Of The Twilight Zone Invades The Church August 03, 2022

Walking into many churches today is also like entering a Twilight Zone. There we hear a message that life is all good and we can experience our "best life now." Five-year plans are made without even a fleeting thought of Jesus' imminent appearing or the dark threatening clouds on the horizon.

Killing 9/11 Mastermind Al-Zawahiri Can't Save America From 'Woke' Military August 03, 2022

One of America's most-hated terrorist enemies has been killed -- but it is no time for America to become complacent about the terrorist and geostrategic threats facing our "woke" and politicized military, a top general said on Monday.

In Real Life 'Top Gun' Threat, America Prepares To Confront Iranian Threat August 03, 2022

Is this the plot to "Top Gun: Maverick," the new Tom Cruise film adventure and a follow-up to the 1986 classic? Or is it, in fact, a synopsis of current events in the Middle East? Unfortunately, the answer is clearly both; the art in this case was inspired by life.

A Storm Of Indicators Show The US Consumer Is Tapped Out August 01, 2022

Around 43% of all Americans are falling into debt this year. Around 23% say they have no savings at all, while 28% say they have savings but only enough for three months of expenses should they lose their jobs.

With China, Biden Has Put U.S. In 'Most Dangerous Moment Since WWII' August 01, 2022

If top U.S. officials were trying to lose a cold war to China, they could hardly do a better job. Xi Jinping has an "incentive to do something dangerous," with a debt crisis, property developers defaulting, mortgage boycotts, supplier boycotts, and bank runs. Taiwan is the perfect diversion.

California's War On Parents To Become Sanctuary State To Minors Transitioning August 01, 2022

If California Bill SB 107 becomes law, California could become a sanctuary state for minors wanting puberty blockers and sex-change surgery, even without parental consent. In the words of Attorney Matthew McReynolds, "SB 107 may be the most brazen assault on fundamental parental rights in the history of this state."

Could Iran Launch A Preemptive Attack On Israel? August 01, 2022

As Iran's nuclear program continues apace, the debate in Israel and abroad has focused almost exclusively on the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Little if anything has been said, at least in public, regarding the possibility that Iran might preempt a potential Israeli offensive.

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