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Arabs Warn Biden: The War On Terrorism Is Not Over July 21, 2021

As the United States prepares to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31, 2021, a growing number of Arabs are worried that the American move will not only bring the Taliban back to power there, but also lead to the re-emergence of other Islamist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS).

Ben & Jerry’s Distasteful BDS Problem July 21, 2021

The fallout over the decision by Ben & Jerry’s to no longer sell its products in what the company calls “occupied Palestinian territory,” which includes parts of Jerusalem, received immediate backlash as several pro-Israel groups are urging their supporters to boycott the creators of Phish Food and Chunky Monkey,

What On Earth is Going On? Perilous Times Ahead July 20, 2021

The closing days of the Church Age are a challenge for all mankind. For the Godless, these days cannot make sense. For those who know the Bible, it has the road map ahead all spelled out for us!

The Israeli Defense Forces In The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies July 20, 2021

Was Israel's current military prowess predicted to happen in the Bible? The answer to this question is YES, and that an even more powerful, "exceedingly great," IDF is soon forthcoming.

The US Government Threatens Tech Companies To Push Censorship Agendas July 20, 2021

After Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the administration has given Facebook a list of accounts to ban for spreading "misinformation" about the Covid vaccine, she has now doubled down saying that people who circulate such materials online should be banned from not just one but all social media platforms.

United Church Of Christ Continues It's Shameful Anti-Israel Theology July 20, 2021

The leadership of the United Church of Christ has adopted a resolution at its General Synod slamming Israel, accusing it of using "imperialistic theology" as justification of its policies towards the Palestinians.

The Road To Fascism? White House And Facebook Merge To Censor Problematic Posts July 17, 2021

If we look back throughout history, all societies whose government attempted to, or actually succeeded in, controlling the speech of their citizens, have been totalitarian nightmares.

Report Warns The US Navy Is Too Woke For War July 18, 2021

For progressives, everything takes a back seat to the imperatives of the revolution -- and that includes the fighting readiness of the armed forces.

The Battle For Your Children's Mind: Parents & Schools Wrestle With Worldviews July 18, 2021

As the nation emerges from the set of political, health, and economic crises it has wrestled with over the past year, and as children head back to school in the fall, a battle is heating up: the fight for America's schools.

Gay Men's Chorus Faces Backlash After Singing: 'We're Coming For Your children' July 17, 2021

LGBT content infuses school curriculums, Drag Queen Story Hour is the norm from libraries to daycares, and children's TV shows from Blue's Clues to Sesame Street push alternative lifestyles. And then there is this.....

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