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No Place To Hide: Drones With Facial Recognition Are Set To Fly February 19, 2021

Some of the first drones with advanced facial recognition capabilities are being developed by Israeli surveillance companies, as American police consider whether they will soon be adding the controversial technology to their unmanned flying machines.

World Council Of Churches Hardens Their Heart Towards Israel February 19, 2021

The World Council of Churches had a chance to draw a line in the sand. It had a chance to show that ugly dishonest polemics about Israel undermine the ability of Christians to promote peace in the Holy Land. Instead they have hardened their hearts against the truth, and doubled down on the lies they've told about events in the Holy Land.

Spiritual Warfare And End-Time Prophecy Collide February 17, 2021

Those of us who have been watching and studying have seen this coming, but to many it has snuck up on them. We (the Church) need to wake up from our slumber and realize the night is nearly over.

Marriage, Divorce & Children: How Covid Has Changed Our Current Culture February 17, 2021

Recent surveys have shown that Americans are drinking more alcohol and taking more drugs during this pandemic. Even more alarming, we have seen suicide rates spike over the past 12 months as well. Now we are seeing how the pandemic has affected marriage and divorce rates.

Utah Parents Push Back Against The Transgender Agenda - And Win February 17, 2021

A group of Utah parents challenged an attempt to indoctrinate their children into a false view of gender and sex. To their credit, they did something -- and their actions have made a difference.

Biden Urges Democracy Abroad, But Will It Apply To Palestinians? February 17, 2021

P.A. leaders have been practically giddy over the results of America's presidential election. And with good reason, it seemed. Spokespeople for the Biden administration are already vowing to resume its financial aid and restore various other aspects of U.S.-P.A. relations.

Economic Tyranny Soon? Digital Footprint To Determine Credit Worthiness February 15, 2021

Should a history of your online searches and social media posts determine your "creditworthiness" for things such as a car loan? Some at the IMF think so and many worry such a system would see any form of dissent from Government opinion resulting in the cut off of financial credit.

We Knew This Was Coming: Pastor Fined For Speaking Out Against Homosexuality February 15, 2021

In a stunning sentence, a court in Germany, sentenced Rev. Olaf Latzel of St. Martini (part of the Evangelical Church in Germany: EKD) to a fine of €8,100 for "inciting hatred" against homosexuals because he defended the biblical definitions of gender and sexuality.

Newsweek Courageously Warns That Sex-Change Surgery Might Just Destroy Your Life February 15, 2021

As the social media giants continue to crack down on those who violate their trans-activist talking points, another perspective has been raised from an unexpected source. I'm talking about a powerful, deeply moving article posted in Newsweek and titled, "We Need Balance When It Comes To Gender Dysphoric Kids. I Would Know."

Jews & Christians Come Together To Rescue One Of The Lost Tribes Of Israel February 15, 2021

The return of the Ethiopian Jewish community to Israel is no more significant prophetically than the return of millions of other Jews from the corners of the earth. However, being black Jews from Africa, their return is unique on many levels and brings Jews and Christians together in common purpose.

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