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Economic Collapse Has Arrived In Germany. Will The U.S. Be Close Behind? September 24, 2022

Germany was supposed to be the economic rock that the rest of Europe could always depend upon but now the Germans are dealing with the worst inflation crisis that they have seen since the days of the Weimar Republic and economic activity is starting to shut down all over the nation.

Recruitment Plummets As Biden Military Becomes Indoctrination Zone September 24, 2022

The military is struggling mightily to meet their recruitment goals as woke policies are being forced onto our service members by the Biden administration and Democrats, which damage morale, increase the number of troops voluntarily leaving, and scare away potential recruits.

'Dilbert' Scrapped From Funny Pages For Challenging Liberal Wokeness September 24, 2022

One of the best ways to fight cultural absurdity is to make fun of it. Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip "Dilbert," has spent 33 years leaning into that philosophy -- poking fun at the woke mob, the cancel culture, and the outlandish social policies of the Left.

Palestinian State Issue Now At Center Of Israel's Upcoming Elections September 24, 2022

Following Lapid's speech at the U.N., a clear difference between Israel's left-wing and right-wing camps has re-emerged. And it has the strong potential to become the defining issue of Israel's fifth election cycle.

Divine Coincidence? Red Heifers Arrive In Israel Before New Shmita Cycle Begins September 22, 2022

A major prophetic event just happened, and hardly anyone in the United States is talking about it. For a long time, the search for a perfect red heifer seemed to be going nowhere, but now all of that has changed.

Global Increase In Natural Disasters - Another Birth Pain Sign Increases September 22, 2022

Just over the past few days, our planet has been hit over and over again by major natural disasters. So why is this happening?

Ezekiel's Bones Live - Israel's Population Nears 10 Million September 22, 2022

The Jewish state will be home to 10 million people by 2024, 15 million by 2048 and 20 million by the end of 2065, according to official data.

Israel's Impoverished Speak Out About Their Struggle During The High Holidays 

Israel’s rising energy costs and rising inflation are making the cost of food more expensive and eroding the purchasing power of the working class.

Ethnic Cleansing And Gross Violations Of Children's Rights In Western Tigray 

Hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans have been silently displaced, abused and subjected to atrocious actions by the Amhara region.

Did The Bible Predict Drone Swarm Technology? September 20, 2022

With drone warfare heating up in Ukraine, the US Army decided to conduct a field training exercise involving "a swarm of 40 quadcopters all equipped with cameras, MILES, and lethal munition," tweeted the Commanding General of the National Training Center and Fort Irwin.

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