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Christian Pastor Faces Criminal Investigation For Booklet Opposing Homosexuality February 17, 2020

The leader of a confessional Lutheran denomination in Finland was recently questioned by the police about his responsibility in the distribution of "Male and Female He Created Them", which could result in charges of "ethnic agitation".

Cashless Agenda? China Is Restricting Cash Notes To Stop Virus Spreading February 17, 2020

The People's Bank of China has announced that it has taken a number of actions to fight the spread of the coronavirus infecting the country including ordering commercial banks to take out of circulation used notes and disinfect them.

Nike Swooshes In To Attack Women's Sports February 17, 2020

First, they attacked America. Then adoption. Now, women. Honestly, with such a busy schedule of political extremism, it's a mystery how Nike has time to sell anything. The retail titan is picking a side in the transgender sports debate -- and it isn't girls'.

The History Of Non-Aggression Pacts In Islam February 17, 2020

The news media is filled with reports that the Arab world--most notably Saudi Arabia and countries in the Persian Gulf, might be prepared to sign a non-aggression pact/truce with Israel. What does this mean, however, from a Muslim perspective?

Curriculum of 2050 

Projections of education in 2050 are based on the trends witnessed today. New ideas and innovations may come up to transform the platform. However, technology will rule as the role of the teacher changes.

Lessons We Have Learned From The Coronavirus February 14, 2020

The pandemic might be an opportunity for the elites, but it is also a learning experience for the rest of us, and it might even bring some clarity to issues that have been hotly debated for several years. But what are some of these lessons?

Putting A Face On "Choice" - Abortion Survivors Put Democrats Platform To Shame February 14, 2020

When 44 leaders of this country walked to the Senate floor last February and voted to make newborn-killing legal, our country crossed into territory most of us considered unthinkable.

Why Young Europeans Can't Understand Israeli Settlers February 14, 2020

In my experience, the incomprehension of Jewish yearning for the land of Israel is a recurring phenomenon with young Europeans--the standard answers about Zionism simply do not compute for them.

Replacement Theology - Diving Christian Support For Israel February 14, 2020

Christians are arguably the most committed supporters of Israel in the world. At the same time, different kinds of Christians are among the Jews’ worst enemies.

Wormwood Warning - Another Asteroid Close Approach Confirmed February 13, 2020

In the Book of Revelation chapter eight we are warned that one day this earth will experience a devastating encouter with an object from space - most likely an asteroid.

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