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Trans Movement’s Normalization Push Promotes Another Sad Cover Story March 23, 2021

Looking at the photo of Ellen "Elliot" Page on the cover of TIME Magazine, one does not get the impression that a beautiful transformation has taken place. She says she found herself; she looks very much lost.

Biden's 'Nine-Miles-Wide Plan' For Israel March 23, 2021

The Biden administration reportedly intends to demand that Israel return to the nine-miles-wide pre-1967 armistice lines. Should we be surprised? How dangerous would that be?

Top Five Tips to Take Care Of Your Mental Health 

Today, all of us need to take vital steps to make the most of life.

The Coming Global Enslavement To Digital Currencies March 18, 2021

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the future of currency, and when they arrive, they'll enslave the world. To understand why, you first need to understand what they are, how they serve the vision of those in power, and why they're inevitable.

New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Found Remind Us Of God's Coming Judgement March 18, 2021

We just witnessed one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in decades. For the first time in 60 years, new Dead Sea Scroll fragments have been discovered, and Israeli authorities are telling us that archaeologists will continue to carefully search the area to see if they can find more.

Six Biblical Lessons From Andrew Cuomo’s Sudden Fall From Grace March 18, 2021

One moment he was one of the brightest lights in the Democratic Party, a likely pick to be the future President of the United States. The next moment, leaders in his own party, even within his own state, were calling for his resignation. What can we learn from all this?

US Taxpayers Funding The Next Generation Of Palestinian Terrorists  March 18, 2021

The United States doesn't finance schools in Iran or North Korea. So why should it pay for schools under the P.A., which not only sponsors terrorists but spreads some of the most vicious anti-American propaganda in the world?

LGBT Activists Want To Silence Your Pastor: Pastor Being Sued For 'Hate Speech' March 21, 2021

Most sermons today are posted online; with laws that increasingly expand the definition of hate speech and sustained campaigns to portray Christian organizations as hate groups, it was only a matter of time before activists set to work trawling the hours of content hunting for any expression of heresy against LGBT orthodoxy.

The Grammys Remind Parents To Monitor Which Artists Their Children Listen To March 21, 2021

For this year’s Grammys, our cultural elites outdid themselves. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, staged what closely resembled a live adult performance replete with stripper poles, backup dancers wearing only thongs and lingerie, and much flailing about with very little clothing.

Another U.S. City Legalizes Polyamory Because 'Love Is Love' March 17, 2021

Since same-sex marriage and the rest of the LGBT agenda went mainstream, polyamory has been lurking on the edge of the movement as one of the next social causes prepping to be sprung into the mainstream.

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