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10 Facts About Christian Persecution Happening Now You Need To Know About January 15, 2021

Every day, 12 churches or Christian buildings are attacked. Every day, 12 Christians are unjustly arrested or imprisoned and another five or abducted. These are the findings of Open Doors' 2021 World Watch List, a report which identifies the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

Israel Determined To Prevent Iran From Achieving 'Syria Project' January 15, 2021

Media reports carried news of intensive airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in eastern Syria early on Wednesday. The attack is part of an unmistakable increase in airstrikes that have been hitting Iranian targets across Syria, marking the fourth known such incident in the past three weeks.

The Conservative Purge Is Only Just Beginning January 12, 2021

The purging of conservative expression from all forms of media has begun. We knew it was coming and have watched it evolve and expand this last decade, scooping up more people in its nets in the name of "tolerance," "diversity," and "non-violence." But what happened this weekend was not a tweet blocked here or an account suspended there. No, this was much more ominous.

Without Freedom Of Speech, What Is Going To Happen To America? January 12, 2021

It is quite ironic that many of those that are always telling us that we need "diversity" in our society are also some of the strongest voices against a "diversity of viewpoints" on social media.

Politics Are Not Going To Solve America's Problems January 12, 2021

The reason why the United States became a great nation in the first place is because we were a Christian nation, and the only way we would ever have a chance of being a great nation again would be if we were to turn back to God with all of our hearts.

Can New Middle East Alliances Withstand The Democratic Party‚Äôs Left-Wing Wave? January 12, 2021

We can liken the alliance between the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party and Islamists to that of the Iranian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, based on a consensus against traditional--or, more accurately, evangelical--America, with all its principles and values.

Soaring Food Price Inflation Could Lead To More Global Unrest January 11, 2021

The Food and Agriculture Organization's Food Price Index rose for a seventh consecutive month in December, led by dairy products and vegetable oils. Soaring food inflation may result in social-destabilization; the question is where will it start?

Russia Latest Country To Roll Out 'Vaccine Certificates' For Air Travel January 11, 2021

The Russian government is set to roll out electronic vaccination certificates that will provide proof an individual has received a COVID-19 jab for the purpose of traveling across borders and more countries are expected to follow.

In Defense of Your Pastor January 11, 2021

In case you're wondering, pastors had a difficult year too. I have never felt more like I am walking a tightrope and in a lose-lose scenario as we get emails and verbal threats whether we stay open or stay closed.

Bible Sales Bounce Back As People Looking For Hope In Troubled Times January 11, 2021

Bible sales finished on a positive note at the end of 2020 and this is no accident as people looking for hope are reminded that God doesn't leave us to walk through difficult times alone.

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