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'Ideas Are More Powerful Than Guns' - Why The Military Isn't Enough October 15, 2019

It an undisputed fact that the United States has the most powerful military in the world. The latest estimates suggest it could take on at least one full-fledged war while maintaining smaller operations around the globe. With all that might, why is the war on terror dragging on?

'Smokescreening' - Israel's False Friends October 15, 2019

Smokescreening, the false pretense of friendship toward Israel, is a common practice. Practitioners include US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, former US president Barack Obama, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Real-Time National Driver Surveillance Program Coming Soon? October 11, 2019

A new Senate bill would create a real-time national driver surveillance program that would allow law enforcement to know anything and everything about a driver at the click of a button.

InterVarsity & Religious Freedom Prevail: The University Of Iowa Learns A Lesson October 11, 2019

Back in February, federal judge Stephanie M. Rose ruled that the University of Iowa could not strip recognition from Business Leaders in Christ for requiring leaders to follow traditional Christian teaching on sexual morality. However, that didn't stop the university and now they are being punished for it.

Why Is The US Training And Equipping The Lebanese Army? October 11, 2019

As Hezbollah has announced it is preparing to attack Israel, we must consider the role of the United States in arming and training the Lebanese Armed Forces, the national army of Lebanon that technically is an arm of the Hezbollah-dominated government in Beirut.

Negotiations With Iran Are Guaranteed To Fail October 11, 2019

Churchill warned that ignoring the threat, and seeking to negotiate with Hitler, not only would not avoid war, it would make it more likely--because the Nazi dictator had no intention of honoring any of his agreements and this appeasement was merely buying the National Socialists more time to build their war machine.

18 Facts About The US National Debt That Are Almost Too Hard To Believe October 10, 2019

Lawmakers continue to spend as if they are children in a candy store with no limit on their parents' credit card. What remains unfathomable to many voters is how much money $22.5 trillion (our current debt) truly is. Here are some facts to bring it into perspective.

Toy Box Propaganda: Lies Too Dangerous To Ignore October 10, 2019

Wise parents try to keep their kids from being influenced by the lies in our culture. That often means restricting certain movies, tv shows and music. Still, there comes a point when the world around us is so saturated with false messages that ignoring them and hoping they will go away is not only impossible. It's perilous.

Ask Female Rugby Players If Biological Sex Is The Same As Perceived Gender October 10, 2019

It's bad enough that biological males are beating biological females in all kinds of races and weightlifting contests, setting new world records in the process. But it's even worse when the men are injuring the women in full contact sports.

Christians Flee Gaza Due To Hamas - And No One Cares October 10, 2019

Since Hamas' rise to power in the Gaza Strip, Christians living in the sector have become the scapegoats and a target for harm. Due to their predicament, most of them fled; out of a community of 4,200 people twelve years ago, there are now only several hundred left.

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