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LGBT Activists Are Backing Military Chaplains Into A Corner December 30, 2019

The idea was not to create crazed religious warriors, the idea was to create soldiers of nobility and character and morality and devotion to God, who would fight well, kill evil enemies, but show restraint--not rape, not pillage, not do unnecessary damage, and live out broader lives to the glory of God. It is a very cherished heritage, and in the modern military it is exactly what is under fire.

Elevate Your Sales Team Strategy with Local Virtual Numbers 

Wondering what you can do to enhance your sales strategy? Find out how local virtual numbers from United World Telecom can help.

Selling Financial Products? Here Are The Best Ways to Attract Customers December 27, 2019

Read on to discover marketing strategies to draw customers to your financial products, expand your clientele, and how to maintain your client pool.

How Toll Free Numbers Impact the Branding Process 

Wondering how toll free numbers can help with business branding efforts? Find out how offering toll free numbers can boost your brand’s impact.

Why 800 Numbers Attract The Best Leads  

800 numbers offer many business incentives and bringing in top leads is one of their most attractive benefits. Read on to learn more about 800 numbers.

Choosing Between Survival Needs  December 27, 2019

Latet Israeli Humanitarian Aid, one of the largest Israeli nonprofit organizations combating poverty, has just launched a new fundraising campaign to support its efforts to ensure lives of dignity for thousands of Holocaust survivors and elderly in need in Israel.

Unusual Seismic Activity On The West Coast Has Experts Extremely Concerned December 27, 2019

The west coast never stops shaking, but lately the shaking has gone to an entirely new level, and this has many people deeply concerned about what may be coming.

Muslim UN Officials Blocking Christian Refugees From Getting Help December 27, 2019

Muslim UN officials are blocking Christian refugees from Syria -- especially those who have converted from Islam to Christianity -- from getting any help.

One Wrong Click - How Pornography Can Change A Life December 27, 2019

What kids think is normal will shock and sober you. Because these aren't Playboy magazines stashed under a teenage boy's bed. These are raw, violent, and nauseating videos that they don't have to sneak into a store for. Every time they hold a cell phone or log on to a laptop, the door is open to a life-changing experience that could kill the relationships in their lives forever.

Give The Black Hebrew Israelites A State? December 26, 2019

Nobody in his right mind would suggest giving the Black Hebrew Israelites an independent, sovereign state. So why are world leaders promoting the same leaders in the PA who promote identical conspiracy theories.

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