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Pandora's Box Opened - Transgenderism Now Followed By Transracial July 10, 2021

The Left has so vigorously trashing anyone who disagrees with the premise that you can choose your own identity and mold yourself into it, there's no logical reason a man can become a woman but a white guy can't become a Korean.

New Iranian Law To Halt Growth Of Christianity Targets Muslim Converts July 10, 2021

The first Christians to be punished under a newly amended law in Iran aimed at halting the growth of Christianity were sentenced to five years in prison for spreading "propaganda" against Islam after they refused to renounce Christ

It's Too Late To Save Christmas: Retailers Brace For Shortages Of Everything July 08, 2021

Reuters surveyed nearly a dozen suppliers and retailers of everything from toys to computer equipment in the United States and Europe. All expect weeks-long delays in holiday inventory due to shipping bottlenecks, including a global container shortage.

Why Is NASA Working So Hard To Learn How To Defend The Earth From Asteroids? July 08, 2021

Did you know that NASA is going to send a spacecraft on a suicide mission in an attempt to change the trajectory of a massive space rock? Could it be possible that there is something heading toward Earth in the future that they haven’t told us about yet?

The Dangerous Return To Amillennialism By Many Church Leaders July 08, 2021

Why even bring up the topic of amillennialism? I do so because a great many pastors today subscribe to some form of this errant teaching that denies the prophesied restoration of a kingdom for Israel as well as the biblical promise of Jesus' millennial reign before the eternal state.

Christian Zionists: Three Lies And A Truth July 08, 2021

In place of prayers for the protection of Israeli citizens from rockets and the liberation of Palestinians in Gaza from Hamas, anti-Zionist Christians respond by condemning Israel's right to defend itself. They spread conspiracy theories and condemn other Christians for standing with Israel.

Cancelling America - The Leftist Movement To Replace Our Symbols With New Ones July 07, 2021

A huge national debate about our most important national symbols has erupted, and it is rapidly becoming one of our hottest political issues. But what most people don't realize is that this isn't really a debate about our past. Rather, it is a debate about what our future is going to look like.

Biblical Prophecies To Prepare For Now! July 07, 2021

These are the ancient predictions that are about to roll off of their parchments soon and pound down on the world's pavement. These are globally impacting events that could happen before the biblical Seven-Year Tribulation Period begins.

Israel's New Battlefield Tech - Suicide Drones & Drone Swarms July 07, 2021

During the recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza it has been revealed that the IDF used a swarm of small drones to locate, identify and attack Hamas militants. This is thought to be the first time a drone swarm has been used in combat.

LA Spa Finds Itself On Front Line Of Culture Wars As Transgender Exposes Himself July 7, 2021

There was nothing relaxing about a trip to Los Angeles's upscale Wi Spa last Saturday. The ordinarily calm atmosphere was interrupted by a bitter protest over the shop's transgender policy, which allowed a man to expose himself in the women's locker room.

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