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Obama's Third Term: Biden Administration Expands Obama's Anti Israel Policies February 08, 2021

The Biden administration has resumed funding UNRWA, reopened the Palestinian mission to Washington and recommitted itself to the "two-state solution." It has thus re-empowered the Palestinians' agenda of demonizing and blackmailing Israel in order to destroy it, and afforded the Palestinians status while they do so.

International Criminal Court Declares Legal War Against Israel February 08, 2021

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday accused the International Criminal Court at The Hague of anti-Semitism after it ruled that it has jurisdiction to open a war crimes investigation against Israel.

Biden: Fundamentally Trans-Forming America February 04, 2021

Joe Biden insisted that his administration would "look like America." If that's true, most Americans are ready for an extreme makeover. A week and a half in, the majority would agree: nothing this White House has done comes even close to resembling their values.

Proposed National Database To Track Gun Owners Every Move February 04, 2021

If a new bill that has been introduced in Congress eventually becomes law, the 2nd Amendment will still be in the U.S. Constitution, but for all practical purposes the rights that it is supposed to guarantee will be dead and gone.

Dry Bones Live: Jewish Growth In The West Bank To Approach One Million February 04, 2021

Those that call for erasing the Jewish presence in the West Bank are disconnected from reality. The facts on the ground are irreversible. The percentage of Jews in the West Bank is equivalent to 33 million Americans.

Biden Administration Pursues Israel/Palestinian Peace With Misguided Ideology February 04, 2021

It took less than a week for the Biden administration to return to the Obama-Biden policy of moral equivalency, or what I prefer to call immoral equivalency--the policy of viewing Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and their respective actions, as being on the same moral plane.

With The Tables Turned - Christians Who Voted For Biden Have Some Hard Questions February 02, 2021

For the last four years, Christians who voted for Trump have been asked incessantly, "How could you vote for him? If you truly believe in what is written in Scripture, how could you vote for a man like Trump?" Now, the tables are turned, the same must be asked of those Christians who voted for Joe Biden.

Incredible Growth Of Christianity In China Has Government Leaders Worried February 02, 2021

As Christianity rapidly grows in China, Chinese president Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party are clamping down, fearing that the size of the Christian church may eventually force them to share power.

Biden Allows LGBT Flags To Be Raised Over US Embassies Worldwide February 02, 2021

The Biden administration proudly announced a commitment to public displays of “gay pride” as newly appointed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken lifted a ban on rainbow “gay rights” flags being displayed at US embassies.

Archaeological Breakthrough: Royal Purple Fabric Found From Time Of King Solomon February 02, 2021

What did a fashionable King in Israel wear 3,000 years ago? The color purple as well as red and blue were prominent in their wardrobes.

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