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Why Are Food Prices Going Up So Rapidly? September 15, 2021

Grocery prices have been on an upward trend for most of the year, and some experts say that this will continue for at least the next several years.

Transgender Bishops & The Fall Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America September 13, 2021

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has taken more steps in it's rapid decline into apostasy as it installed its first openly transgender bishop in a service held in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral on Saturday.

Remote Work Has Led To Rapid Increase Of Employer Surveillance Programs September 13, 2021

As waves of Covid-19 continue to dictate working (or not working) habits for millions of Americans, employers have been turning to digital surveillance platforms to monitor their at-home workers.

Biden Appeasement Of Iran Forcing Israel's Hand September 13, 2021

Since the Biden administration assumed office, the nuclear talks with Iran have gone nowhere. Six rounds of negotiations have been concluded with no results. In contrast, two other issues have gone too far: the Biden administration's appeasement policies towards the Iranian regime, and the advancement of the mullahs' nuclear program.

Palestinians: Why Biden's Aid Will Not Bring Peace September 13, 2021

A public opinion poll published on August 25 by the Arab World for Research and Development, indicate that the Biden administration is deluding itself by assuming that US funds could change the hearts and minds of the Palestinians.

Will The Delta Variant Steal Christmas? Shortages To Last Into Mid 2022 September 09, 2021

Mounting challenges -- including factory shutdowns, computer chip shortages and clogged ports -- are rattling the industry as it prepares for the crucial holiday shopping season, an eight-week window that can account for more than half of a retailer's annual sales.

Another School Semester Of Transgender Indoctrination Begins September 09, 2021

Schools across the country have begun the fall semester asking students for their preferred gender pronouns, ranging from tey/tem/ter/temself to fae/faer/faers/faerself and from zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself to bun/bun/buns/bunself?

Feeding The Taliban - Did Woke/Leftist Policies Contribute To Failure? September 09, 2021

The cultural left has fostered a decadent American culture that angers and repulses traditional societies, especially those in the Islamic world that are being overwhelmed by this culture.

The Palestinians 'Taliban' Strategy Against Israel September 09, 2021

The Biden administration has stated that it wishes to bring "peace, security and prosperity" to Israelis and Palestinians. To do so in the post-Afghanistan context, it is critical to understand the implications of recent PLO and Hamas statements of sympathy for the Taliban, as well as the historical context of Palestinian partnership with Islamist movements.

Prophetic Dominoes - EU Army Back On Table After Afghanistan Fiasco September 07, 2021

Many Bible prophecy scholars have commented on the significance of the Afghanistan pullout in relationship to passages in Ezekiel 38, as well as the potential ramifications of America's status on the world stage, but few had imagined a renewed call in Europe for the formation of an EU Army.

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