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Why You Should Deep Clean Your Carpet Floors and How to Hire Carpet Cleaners May 18, 2020

A carpeted floor adds warmth and comfort to your home, especially if you are fond of walking around your house with your bare feet or socks. However, carpets are tough to clean and maintain.

Find Out Why ETF Is a Popular Investment May 18, 2020

An exchange-traded fund is a kind of security basket that you can buy and sell through a broker, which includes commodities, bonds, stocks, or a combination of these.

Smart Reasons Why You Should Hire an Identity Verification Service Company May 18, 2020

The occurrence of identity theft has grown alarmingly throughout the years. According to an article by the Identity Force, in 2017, almost 7% of consumers became victims of identity fraud.

Coming Soon - The End Of Paper Money May 18, 2020

The end of paper money and its replacement with government-sponsored cryptocurrency will put unlimited power at the fingertips of government leaders. Not only does cryptocurrency offer a way to permanently record every financial transaction, but it will also be able to track where you go and what you do.

Democrats HEROES Bill Reads Like Love Letter To Radical Left Base May 18, 2020

If you could sit down and write a list of every bad idea the Left has ever had, guess what? You've got the House's Phase 4 coronavirus stimulus. Picture Planned Parenthood loans, taxpayer-funded abortion, cash for illegal immigrants, marijuana banking, state bailouts, rigged elections, freed felons, and a complete redefinition of the family.

Marriages Hit A New Low - How Do We Rebuild a Culture Of Commitment? May 18, 2020

Today, in the U.S. there are only 6.5 weddings for every 1,000 people, the lowest rate since we started keeping records just after the Civil War, and despite the fact that millennials, who are the biggest generation in American history, are in their peak marriage years right now. And, these numbers are pre-COVID-19.

Jordan Warns of 'Massive Conflict' If Israel Proceeds With Annexation May 18, 2020

Jordan's King Abdullah warned of "massive conflict" between his country and Israel if the Jewish state proceeds with annexing territory this summer in Judea and Samaria.

Lutherans Now Promoting Praying To 'Mother God' After Wiping Israel From NT May 15, 2020

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America continues to stir up controversy with it's 'progressive policies' and are pushing members who want to hold to sound doctrine no choice but to leave the denomination.

Beyond COVID-19: Russia, China Nuclear Threat Grows May 15, 2020

What if America's adversaries might start to believe that because the US has a Covid-19 crisis on its hands, the nation might be distracted and vulnerable, so that now might be a good time to strike? If such adversaries think the US does not have a strong deterrent, does that make it an even more tempting target?

Israel's Three "Last Days" Major Conflicts May 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has led many prophecy teachers to focus on the coming New World Order. And rightly so. However, an unintended consequence of this new focus appears to have left Israel's prophetic role in the shadows...

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