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The Battle Over Words - 'Sexual Preference' Now Deemed 'Offensive' October 16, 2020

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett dared to use the forbidden term "sexual preference" with reference to LGBT sexuality. Not only did this cause an instant internet firestorm, but it apparently led to an instant adjustment in a major online dictionary.

Americans Expect Chaotic Months Ahead - Over Half Preparing To Stockpile October 14, 2020

Many Americans believe that another wave of the coronavirus pandemic is coming, others believe that our ongoing economic depression will get even deeper, and yet others are convinced that the upcoming election could produce widespread violence.

Congressional Report Documents The Collapse Of Marriage & Family In America October 14, 2020

For thousands of years, two parent families have worked, and the reason they have worked is because that is how things were originally designed. Sadly, these days most Americans find traditional values repugnant, and they think that they have figured out a better way of doing things.

AOC Reminds Us How Leftists View Christian 'Bigots' October 14, 2020

In 2020, the Democrats are now a political party that repudiates virtually every Christian orthodoxy with regard to gender and marriage. They will cherry-pick here and there in order to claim that Christians are...well, not really Christian.

Turkey Is The Next Iran October 14, 2020

Previously moderate Turkey, has turned to destructive radicalism in the style of the Islamic Revolution and now threatens both American and Israeli interests throughout the region.

What Should Conservative Americans Expect If Biden-Harris Win? October 12, 2020

Although many of my friends remain confident that Donald Trump will be reelected, looking at things through natural eyes, his prospects are not good. What if Trump-Pence lost to Biden-Harris? What if Joseph Biden became our nation’s 46th president? What would that look like for conservative Americans?

Why Progressive Christianity Is 'Another Gospel' October 12, 2020

A 'progressive Christianity' that denies the divinity of Christ, treats His incarnation and resurrection from the dead as myths, and reimagines human nature away from God's created design and according to sexual libertinism isn't just another take on the faith. It's another gospel entirely.

Leftists Blame America. Decent People Blame Their Sinful Nature October 12, 2020

It is difficult to overstate the damage the Left is doing to this country by abandoning the fundamental Judeo-Christian teaching that we must fight our sinful natures in order to lead a more decent and happy life and replacing it with the belief that we must battle America instead.

Elon Musk Building 'War Rocket' That Could Revolutionize Warfare October 12, 2020

Multibillionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is quickly moving toward becoming a real-life Tony Stark after his aerospace corporation SpaceX signed a deal with the Pentagon to build a rocket capable of delivering up to 80 tons of war cargo anywhere in the world, in only one hour.

Revival Or Revolution: Is There Another Option? October 08, 2020

For years, some Christians have held out hope that America would experience another wave of spiritual regeneration. But midway through 2020, anarchists and agitators, culture-drivers and even some politicians, are openly advocating for Socialism, racial division, and the wholesale rejection of Judeo-Christian values. So which is it? Are we poised for revival or revolution?

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