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Afghanistan’s Lessons For Israel August 31, 2021

The collapse of America’s Afghanistan strategy highlights the risks that Israel would incur in creating a Palestinian state, as these projects hold key similarities.

Bible Prophecy Accelerating As Israel Plans For Attack On Iran Nuclear Program August 26, 2021

Israel has put the world on notice. They will not let Iran get the bomb. They are making operational plans to take out their nuclear program and even openly budgeting for it. Will this be the trigger for accelerating God's prophetic timetable?

Largest US Food Distributor Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked August 26, 2021

Distribution giant Sysco, North America's largest wholesale food distributor, is turning away customers in some areas where demand is exceeding capacity.

Jamaicans Protest U.S. Embassy Flying LGBT Pride Flag August 26, 2021

It is an irony that many nations who first heard of Christianity from Western missionaries are now resisting woke Western colonialism that leaders like Joe Biden desperately want to ram down their throats.

After Abbas: Palestinian Political Turmoil On The Horizon August 26, 2021

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas will be 86 years old in November. It's far from clear who will replace him, but what is almost certain is that his departure will precipitate instability as a number of prominent figures attempt to position themselves as his successor.

America Is Drying Up - We Could Soon Be Facing Worst Water Crisis In US History August 25, 2021

We all knew that this day was coming eventually. At first dropping water levels in the Southwest were an annoyance, then they became a problem, and now they have become a crisis. We are now potentially facing the worst water crisis in all of U.S. history if current trends continue.

Understanding The Worldview Of The Taliban August 25, 2021

The brutality, the absolutism, and the unyielding determination that we see in radical Islam are driven by a worldview. Without a true and accurate understanding of the world, they'll continue to pursue their ends by any means necessary.

Arab World Fears Biden Has Brought Islamic Terrorism Roaring Back To Life August 25, 2021

For the first time in several years, the jihadis sense US weakness, confusion and lack of vision under the Biden administration. The Arabs are warning that this weakness and uncertainty will plunge Afghanistan and the whole Middle East into a bloodbath.

Gender Wars - Urinals Removed For Offending Transgender Students August 25, 2021

A middle school in Loudon County, VA, has decided to remove the urinals from the boys' bathrooms. Why? It's because a number of biological females, who identify as males, are offended by the presence of urinals.

Why Is The National Guard Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists? August 23, 2021

Why on earth would a military branch primarily designed to remain within US borders need Internment/Resettlement Specialists? Surely the idea of people forcibly being rounded up and sent to camps is ludicrous. Isn't it? Then why is the CDC discussing the possibility of "green zones"

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