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Pandemic Is Wakeup Call To Prepare For Bioterrorism April 13, 2020

The hard lessons of the coronavirus pandemic will hopefully motivate the world to work together in the future to mitigate the effects of the next naturally occurring global viral threat. But it should also open our eyes to the potentially greater threat of human-made biological weapons--the deliberate release of a pathogen or biotoxin.

Driven By Prayer: One Detour That's Changing Lives April 13, 2020

You can stay in your car and get burgers, groceries, even prescriptions. But in Temple, Texas, north of Austin, you can drive through for something even more important -- prayer!

US Cities Turn To Talking Drones From China To Enforce Social Distancing Rules April 13, 2020

Dozens of law enforcement agencies are flocking to one drone manufacturer based in China to help enforce quarantine rules while cutting costs on traditional public safety services.

Inspired To Become A Nurse? 4 Reasons The Profession Could Be Right For You 

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has shone the light on the many healthcare professionals who have selflessly worked day in and day out to save lives. It is understandable why so many people may feel inspired to follow in these heroic individuals’ footsteps and become nurses themselves.

From Global Government To Global Tax - A New World Order Is Upon Us April 09, 2020

Last week it was former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown who called on world leaders to form a "temporary" global government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This week it was the United Nations Secretary-General asking nations to contribute at least ten percent of their annual income, essentially a global tax. What is coming next?

COVID-19 - God's Parable For Mankind April 09, 2020

For now and for an undetermined time to come, the one commodity that always seemed in such short supply; that elusive thing that the young take for granted and the old continually grasp for more of - is the one thing that for some, there is now too much of. Time.

Pandemic Surveillance State: Drones That Can Detect Fever Coming Soon April 09, 2020

A company called Draganfly is spearheading the effort to build a drone network across public areas that are outfitted with specialized sensor and computer vision system that can fly around cities and detect if people have elevated body temperatures, respiratory rates, as well as to identify if people are sneezing and coughing.

Many Churches New Motto: Come As You Are, Just Stay in Your Car! April 09, 2020

Like a lot of congregations, Ohio's Genoa Church in Westerville, Ohio has had to think of creative ways to keep their ministry going -- even if that means sitting in a passenger seat, not a pew.

End Times Prophecy - How Close Are We? April 08, 2020

Luke 21, Mark 13 and Matthew 24 all relay Jesus' lecture to his disciples on the subject of His return and end-times rule of the world from Jerusalem. Each writer employs unique terminology, but all three apostles agree on seven specific end events for which we should be watching.

Netanyahu Considers Lamb Sacrifice On Temple Mount For First time In 2,000 Years April 08, 2020

The Sanhedrin tasked Shimshon Elboim, head of the Temple Mount Organizations, with submitting a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu to perform the ritual korban Pesach (Passover sacrifice) in its proper place, the Temple Mount, and in its Biblically mandated time, Wednesday afternoon, the eve of the Passover feast.

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