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World Economic Forum Looks To Normalize Implanting Tracking Chips Into Humans August 22, 2022

The latest highly controversial technology/policy that the World Economic Forum has set out to normalize is the idea of implanting tracking chips into humans. It wasn't that long ago that those speculating on a future where this is happening would get dismissed as conspiracy theorists, but now the world elites' most vocal outlet is predicting that chip implants will eventually become the norm.

Big Shift In Church Attendance For Millennials As They Seek Something Real August 22, 2022

Although millennials are known for declines in religiosity, data show that, since 2019, the percentage of millennials reporting weekly church attendance has increased from 21% to 39%." This is in contrast with other recent reports charting the decline of a Christian worldview among Americans.

Court Rules Gender Dysphoria Is ADA Disability Allowing Men Into Women's Prisons August 22, 2022

A recent court decision ruled that a male identifying as a female, who was imprisoned in Virginia should be housed with female inmates, even though he retains male body parts. Gender dysphoria is now a protected class under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A Global Food Crisis Is Coming & Our World May Never Be The Same August 19, 2022

At this point, famine is unavoidable. The only questions remaining are how severe the food shortages will be and how high food prices will rise in the places where food is still available. Once the severity of the situation becomes clear, governments will react swiftly.

China Is Winning The Economic Race – The Consequences Will Be Profound August 19, 2022

China's economic rise and the US response -- or lack of such -- will determine the predominant values of the 21st century - will it be China's authoritarianism and disregard for freedom, democracy, and human rights or those of the US and the West?

CERN'S Tower Of Babel August 19, 2022

The mission of Cern is to unite people from all over the world and push the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all. In doing so, does Cern risk becoming synonymous with the Tower of Babel?

Biden Administration On Verge Of Disastrous Nuclear Agreement With Iran August 19, 2022

The apathy afflicting everyone from moderate Democrats to conservative Republicans, from Jewish American groups to Christian Zionist groups is particularly stunning because Biden's nuclear deal is even worse than Obama's was. Not only does it give nuclear license to Iran, Biden's agreement ushers in an era of nuclear chaos.

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead To Unprecedented Shortages In 2023? August 17, 2022

Crops are failing all over the globe this summer, but most people don't even know that this is happening because they see plenty of food in the stores now and they just assume that everything is going to be okay but the food that is not being grown this year is not going to be on our plates next year.

A "Housing Recession" Is Here, And It Isn't Going To Be Fun... August 17, 2022

In so many ways, what we are currently witnessing seems so similar to 2008. After a period of very rapid growth, home prices all over the nation are starting to fall. Meanwhile, much higher mortgage rates are pushing millions of potential homebuyers out of the market and home builders are starting to panic.

The Madness Of The Episcopal Church: Endorsing Sex Changes For Children August 17, 2022

The Episcopal Church has been post-Christian for some time and has fully bought in to the premises of the transgender movement by issuing a blanket endorsement of so-called "gender-affirming care" at any age.

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