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Jews & Christians Come Together To Rescue One Of The Lost Tribes Of Israel February 15, 2021

The return of the Ethiopian Jewish community to Israel is no more significant prophetically than the return of millions of other Jews from the corners of the earth. However, being black Jews from Africa, their return is unique on many levels and brings Jews and Christians together in common purpose.

Beyond Covid: New Pestilences Are Breaking Out All Over The Globe February 11, 2021

Did you hear about the outbreak of the new "mystery disease" in Tanzania? What about the alarming new outbreak in Congo? New developments in South Africa are making headlines all over the globe as well. Despite all of our advanced technology, humanity remains extremely vulnerable to outbreaks of disease, and many believe that the COVID pandemic is just the beginning.

The Left Seeks To Radicalize The Term "Christian Nationalism" February 11, 2021

By equating Christians with fanatics and conspiracy theorists, Leftists are seeking to silence and sideline Christians from participating in the political process. By radicalizing the term "Christian nationalism," they want to imply that Christian political engagement is somehow nefarious and subversive.

Israeli Polls Show Pro-3rd Temple Politicians Becoming Lawmakers February 11, 2021

The new Israeli party called 'Religious Zionism' is now polling at five seats, more than the required four seat minimum threshold to enter Israel’s Knesset and have indicated they are in favor of building the third Temple.

China Engineering "Super Soldiers" For Its Master Race February 11, 2021

The People's Liberation Army has gone all-in on gene editing of humans. China is looking to achieve "biological dominance" and there are no ethical boundaries to Beijing's pursuit of power.

Surveillance Nation: Big Brother Technology The Antichrist Will Love February 10, 2021

Big Brother is watching you more than ever before. Sadly, most people don't realize how extensive the surveillance grid has now become and where all this could lead in the future.

Biden Funds Program To Block Foreign Religious Leaders Who Oppose LGBT Agenda February 11, 2021

The United States, under Democratic presidents, is not so much a “beacon of freedom and democracy” as it is a neo-colonial power, pushing the radical LGBT agenda and abortion on nations it considers less evolved.

France Considers Evangelicals A Threat For Putting God Above Law Of The Republic February 10, 2021

Evangelical Christians in France are expressing unease as they see how the national government inflames the rhetoric against their churches.

Democratic Congressman Claims Israel 'Burning Down' Arab Villages February 10, 2021

In an interview with MSNBC, Rep. Rohit "Ro" Khanna (D-Cal) made several libelous comments which included, but were not limited to, accusing Israel of "burning down Palestinian villages."

COVID Detainment Facilities Go From 'Conspiracy Theory' To Official Govt Policy  February 08, 2021

In October, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the claims of mandatory COVID-19 detainments were "harmful misinformation." Now, this 'conspiracy theory' from four months ago is being used in ever increasing circumstances and is set to expand widely across the country.

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