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A Storm Of Indicators Show The US Consumer Is Tapped Out August 01, 2022

Around 43% of all Americans are falling into debt this year. Around 23% say they have no savings at all, while 28% say they have savings but only enough for three months of expenses should they lose their jobs.

With China, Biden Has Put U.S. In 'Most Dangerous Moment Since WWII' August 01, 2022

If top U.S. officials were trying to lose a cold war to China, they could hardly do a better job. Xi Jinping has an "incentive to do something dangerous," with a debt crisis, property developers defaulting, mortgage boycotts, supplier boycotts, and bank runs. Taiwan is the perfect diversion.

California's War On Parents To Become Sanctuary State To Minors Transitioning August 01, 2022

If California Bill SB 107 becomes law, California could become a sanctuary state for minors wanting puberty blockers and sex-change surgery, even without parental consent. In the words of Attorney Matthew McReynolds, "SB 107 may be the most brazen assault on fundamental parental rights in the history of this state."

Could Iran Launch A Preemptive Attack On Israel? August 01, 2022

As Iran's nuclear program continues apace, the debate in Israel and abroad has focused almost exclusively on the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Little if anything has been said, at least in public, regarding the possibility that Iran might preempt a potential Israeli offensive.

Guess Who Is Buying Up Farmland All Over The United States? July 28, 2022

Those that control our food supply wield an immense amount of power. With a major global food crisis already starting, control over food production matters more than ever, and many are concerned that it is increasingly falling into the wrong hands.

General Public Completely Unaware How Digital Currencies Will Change Our Society July 28, 2022

If we allow central banks to fully digitize money and trade it will open the door to complete authoritarianism. Want access to your checking and savings accounts? Better not say anything critical of the establishment or you could have your money locked in seconds. Our finances will be tied into a social credit system just like China.

Monkeypox's Inconvenient Truth July 28, 2022

So far, the public discussion over combating the virus has largely revolved around treating the outbreak rather than discouraging the underlying causes.

Concessions To Transgenderism Are Slowly Reshaping Our Entire Culture July 28, 2022

We are watching trans activists engage in a grand game of gaslighting with our entire culture, and nearly the entire elite class is playing along with it.

Ranchers Go Into Panic Mode - Drought Leads To Cattle Sell Off July 26, 2022

Thanks to the horrific drought which is absolutely devastating ranching in the Southwest, ranchers are now in "panic mode" and are selling off their cattle at an unprecedented rate which could lead to a downsize of the U.S. cattle herd.

Peak Oil - Another Crisis Waiting In The Wings July 26, 2022

What do you think is going to happen when we get to a point where the world simply cannot produce any more oil than it is already producing? Production has struggled to keep up with demand, and now it appears that we will soon reach a point where we are simply not able to produce enough for everyone.

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