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Amazon's Pay By Hand - Fast Tracking The Mark Of The Beast January 20, 2020

If anyone has the power, money and influence to persuade people to accept a new form of payment systems for commerce, it is Amazon. Amazon is in the early stages of developing a technology that essentially turns your hand into a credit card.

America Is Far More Christian Than We Realize January 20, 2020

Visitors from other nations are surprised to see American flags everywhere. They are also surprised to see so much Christianity openly displayed and proclaimed.

Iranian Women Defy The Mullahs; Western Feminists Nowhere In Sight January 20, 2020

Today, courageous Iranian women are leading the uprising against the Iranian regime. If Iranian feminists who refuse to wear the hijab are brave, their Western counterparts, who wear pink hats, have wretchedly abandoned them.

More Than 120 Members Of Congress Express Support For Anti-Israel Group January 20, 2020

More than 120 members of Congress issued letters of support to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an anti-Israel organization that was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror case that proved connections to the terrorist group Hamas and other radical Islamic entities.

The Rise Of Gog? Putin Positions Himself To Influence Russia For Life January 17, 2020

The entire Russian government led by former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev resigned after Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech on constitutional reform. Medvedev said, this was "to give President Vladimir Putin room to carry out the changes he wants to make to the constitution."

The Personification Of The Spirit Of Jezebel January 17, 2020

How does Jesus feel when an Episcopalian priest, someone ordained to represent His name, is a well-known champion of abortion? How does He feel if that same priest is an outspoken lesbian, "married" to her partner? And how does He feel if she says, "Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints"?

Locusts, Demons Or Drones: Who Are The Locusts Of The Fifth Trumpet Judgment? January 17, 2020

Some Bible prophecy teachers have suggested that the locusts described in the Book of Revelation might be drones. Does this hold up to scripture?

Is The Mideast Heading For An Energy War? January 17, 2020

It looks like the next war in the Middle East won’t be over water, but over gas—control of the region’s natural gas resources and ways of supplying it to Europe.

Earth Groaning In Travail - 7 Major Changes Upon Our Earth January 16, 2020

The sun is behaving very strangely, freakishly cold weather is breaking out all over the world, ocean temperatures continue to rise, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting ash, and the north magnetic pole has been moving at a pace that is deeply alarming scientists. Could it be possible that all of this bizarre activity is leading up to some sort of a crescendo?

Jezebel Rears Her Ugly Head As Pro Life Advocates Come Under Fire January 16, 2020

If this story is not "Jezebelic," then nothing is. A radical feminist group has taken credit for an ongoing series of attacks on pro-life advocates in Germany, including the vandalism of two churches and the burning of a pro-life journalist's car.

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