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Covid Passports Are Coming And Our Civil Liberties May Never Be The Same Again November 06, 2020

When a vaccine for Covid-19 is found, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have urged development of a digital certificate for those vaccinated. No doubt those people who refuse and are without the certificate would find their personal liberties severely restricted.

The American People Just Halted The Democrats' Moral Revolution November 06, 2020

There is a growing consensus in the media that Democrat plans for America have been foiled even if Biden wins. As Bloomberg put it, "many of the fondest hopes of Biden's party and darkest fears of his opponents will be unrealized." Having failed to retake the Senate and lost ground in the House, "every inch of liberal legislative gains will be an uphill struggle.

A Canadian 'Yankee' Reflects On The Real Reason US Elections Are So Polarized November 06, 2020

Why does every American election seem existential, like yet another "most important election of our lifetimes"? Why has polarization ravaged hopes of unity in the United States more than almost anywhere else? In short, why is America so different?

What The Next US Administration Could Mean For Israel November 06, 2020

Around the globe, all eyes are on the elections, but in Israel in particular, questions are being asked over what the next four years could look like with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Election Reflections Thus Far November 05, 2020

Important observations and reflections on the elections as we await the final verdict.

Temple Priests Prepare To Serve In Rebuilt Temple With New Training School November 05, 2020

Kehuna Academy, a new online community and school is launching in order to prepare the living descendants of Aaron the High Priest to be ready to step into their Biblically-mandated roles as soon as the Third Temple is operational.

Will America Hand Space Dominance To China? November 05, 2020

China will be launching satellites almost every other week starting next March. So what is at stake? The next 9/11 will almost certainly occur in space.

Islamic Extremists Remind Europe They Are Not Going Anywhere November 05, 2020

The murderous shooting attack in Vienna is one more wake-up call for Europeans, who think they've nothing to worry about from Islamists.

US Elections: The Unasked Questions Remain November 02, 2020

As millions of Americans prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday, joining the estimated 90 million who have already cast their ballots, they might take a few moments to ask themselves a simple question: What are we voting for?

The Crashing Rental Market Could Set Off The Next Housing Crisis November 02, 2020

We knew the fall in prices was likely to get worse before it got better, the Wall Street Journal is taking it one step further and now asking the question of whether or not the rental price plunge could actually set off the next housing crisis.

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