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Godless America: Anticipating The Antichrist April 08, 2021

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reads, "The secularization of U.S. society--the waning of religious faith, practice and affiliation--is continuing at a dramatic and historically unprecedented pace. While many may consider such a development as a cause for concern, such a worry is not warranted. This increasing godlessness in America is actually a good thing, to be welcomed and embraced."

LGBTQIA+: From The Fringes To Cultural Dominance In A Single Generation April 08, 2021

Data increasingly tell us that identifying as anything but straight is now trendy, especially with the entertainment industry's commitment to telling LGBT stories and lionizing anyone who decides to join the alphabet mafia.

80,000 More Retail Stores To Close As COVID Shifts Spending To Online April 08, 2021

UBS analyst Michael Lasser told clients this week that a whopping 80,000 retail stores are estimated to close in the next five years as the virus pandemic has deeply scarred the economy and resulted in a permanent shift in how consumers shop, that is, online.

Evangelicals Growing Numbers In Mexico While Catholics Continue Slow Decline  April 08, 2021

Evangelical Christians grew from being 7.5% of the population in 2010 to 11.2% in 2020. Mexico now has over 14 million evangelical Christians.

Easter Message Turned Upside-Down - Sen Warnock Promotes Saving Ourselves April 06, 2021

Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia would probably like to have been known as the man who helped propel the Democrats to a Senate majority. Instead, his legacy among Christians at least, will be that of a heretic who literally reversed the very meaning of Easter with His Easter tweet.

Mainstream Media Ignores Christian Persecution Worldwide April 06, 2021

To the corporate media, Christians are the main enemy of "progress" in the western world, and so pointing out the brutal persecution of Christians all over the planet definitely does not suit their agenda.

The Trans Ministry Of Truth Is Rapidly Spreading It's Influence April 06, 2021

Between the entertainment industry’s drive to normalize transgenderism, the media’s insistence on pretending that this is what we’ve believed all along, and the total takeover of public schools and even many private schools, it appears that this movement may be more successful than I thought.

U.S. Secretary Of State Calls The Wrong Guy April 06, 2021

In a phone call with a Middle East leader last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Palestinian Arabs are entitled to "freedom, security, prosperity and democracy." Can't disagree with a word of that. Every human being deserves those things. The problem is that Mr. Blinken called the wrong guy.

Rumors of War - Will The US Help Ukraine If Russia Invades? April 05, 2021

At this hour, Russian and Ukrainian military forces continue to rush toward the conflict zone. Video after video of Russian tanks, military vehicles and troops being moved toward the conflict zone have been posted on social media, and the Ukrainians have responded by making similar moves.

The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values April 05, 2021

Conservatives often speak of Judeo-Christian values and how the current civil war in the United States and the rest of the West is essentially a battle between those values and the Left, which rejects Judeo-Christian values.

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