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An End To The Delusions About Biden, Iran And Israel? August 27, 2022

By failing to raise the alarm about Iran in the vain hope of influencing Biden to stand up to Iran, Israel has undermined efforts to mobilize opposition to appeasement in the United States. Lapid and Bennett took for granted the ability of Israel's friends in Congress to pressure Biden against this folly or simply discounted any possibility that the administration could be stopped.

Seduced By The Culture - Most Americans Believe These Top 10 Lies August 24, 2024

The American Worldview Inventory released data analyzing the top 10 most prevalent "seductive unbiblical ideas" embraced by American adults. With contemporary culture becoming more secular, belief systems divergent from Scripture are not surprising but how many Christians have fallen for these lies should be.

20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills & It's Going To Get Worse August 24, 2022

At least 20 million households - or about 1 in 6 American homes — are behind on their power bills as soaring electricity prices spark what is said to be the worst-ever crisis in late utility payments. The crisis is expected to worsen as we head into winter.

Iran Prepares To Take Out Israel – Right After Nuclear Deal Is Signed August 24, 2022

As the Biden administration seems to be moving closer to reaching a new nuclear deal with Iran, the mullahs in Tehran are encouraging their Lebanese and Palestinian terrorist proxies to prepare for waging war on Israel.

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome To Government Health Care August 25, 2022

America's neighbor to the north has some of the most permissive euthanasia laws in the world. Canada's medical assistance in dying laws allow almost anyone who can claim some form of hardship or disability to receive physician-assisted suicide, regardless of how minor those disabilities might be.

Climate Change Police - Coming To A City Near You? August 24, 2022

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin is hiring 3,000 "green police" officers to go after those who violate green-related criminal issues. The announcement comes after the EU crisis management tsar Janez Lenarcic called for the rapid creation of a Europe-wide "Civil Protection Force" to enforce climate laws across the EU.

Texas Fire Dept. Chaplain Axed For Biblical View Of Gender August 24, 2022

Under the city of Austin's standard, no one who openly holds historic Christian beliefs about the immutable differences between men and women can serve as a chaplain or in any other fire department position. And that should concern everyone no matter their views.

Will Christian Complacency & Apathy Determine November Midterms? August 24, 2022

You might be surprised to learn how few devoted Christians actually participate in the election process. If we do not stand this November, we may not have the chance again.

Over The Rainbow - Why Words Still Matter August 24, 2022

The rainbow was an illustration for mankind to observe and hold to heart - God's everlasting visual in the heavens showing his eternal compassion and covenant towards us. Today, we are painfully aware that what we know to be God's rainbow, has been distorted, and is now being used to glorify sin.

As The Economy Deteriorates, More Tent Cities Will Expand August 22, 2022

Tonight, hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans will be sleeping in tents, under bridges, in overcrowded shelters or in their vehicles. This is a tragedy that is growing with each passing day, and it is only going to get worse in the months ahead as the U.S. economy slows down even more.

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