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Hoofbeats Of The Four Horsemen? April 17, 2020

Lifeway Research has revealed that 98% of the church will not teach on anything end-time related as it is considered too controversial. However, many pastors are apparently now having an "aha" moment due to the signs of the times. Will this moment continue once church services resume?

Wormwood Warning - Another Asteroid Comes Closer To Earth Than Moon April 17, 2020

An asteroid the size of a house was discovered by NASA last week, which was just in time to announce its near-miss on Wednesday night. There are currently 5,000 potentially hazardous near earth objects and one Bible scholar warns "Wormwood" may be near.

The Pandemic And The Persecuted April 17, 2020

Hostile governments to Christianity around the world are blatantly using the virus crisis to suppress religious exercise and extend their long arm of state control.

Welcome To The Farm: NY Legalizes Commercial Surrogacy April 16, 2020

Right in the middle of New York's epic battle against COVID-19, the state legislature passed, and Governor Cuomo signed, a bill that legalizes commercial surrogacy. The commercial surrogacy is being pushed for by same-sex couples who benefit while poor women are exploited.

Online Gambling - A New Entertainment On The Block 

How different is online gambling from traditional gambling?

Dangerous Ground: NY Gov Boasts We Flattened The Curve - 'God Did Not Do That' April 15, 2020

No matter how loudly God speaks, some of our leaders are refusing to acknowledge the total lack of control they have and the puniness of their power.

A Day's Wage For A Loaf Of Bread April 15, 2020

The world is at full tilt printing new money to try and solve the crisis. What is happening now is a preview of Revelation 6:6 in which we see massive debt, hyperinflation, incredible wealth gap, and economic depression.

Nothing New Under The Sun: Drought, Locusts And Plagues  April 15, 2020

Today, in the year 2020, God's Word continues to speak afresh, reminding us that there is nothing new under the sun. The same challenges that confronted the human race three millennia ago are still confronting us today. And that humbly seeking God remains the ultimate solution.

Sanders Supporters Pressure Biden To Move Farther To The Left April 15, 2020

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman suggested this week that a dream cabinet for Joe Biden should he win in November would include a rather odd choice for ambassador to the United Nations: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Global Digital ID With Vaccines Is Now Being Promoted As Way To Combat The Virus April 13, 2020

Bill Gates and other influential leaders are suggesting a global solution to the virus - Global Digital ID as part of a vaccination program.

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