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Speeding Up Prophecy: Pandemic May Bring Wave Of Immigrants To Israel April 28, 2020

Even the darkest clouds can hide a silver lining and it may be that the COVID-19 pandemic may bring about the prophesied return of the exiles from around the world.

Does The Bible Say Gambling Is A Sin?  

The Bible doesn't specifically forbid gambling, but it does repeatedly warn us against the pursuit of materialism, and it also repeatedly warns us against putting the love of money above the love of God.

Israel Celebrates 72nd Birthday With Population Reaching 9.2 Million April 28, 2020

As Israel prepares to celebrate its 72nd birthday in just a few days, the country's population stands at nearly 9.2 million, according to data released by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics.

Will 'Immunity Passports' Become Mandatory In Our Future? April 27, 2020

Bill Gates has inserted himself into the national dialogue as a self-proclaimed coronavirus sage who will lead the world out of dark times through a digitally-assisted brave new world of testing, contact tracing, and of course - a vaccine.

America's First Gay Spy Chief Makes LGBT Radicalism First Priority April 27, 2020

The acting director of national intelligence has decided that it's time for America to stop sharing information with countries who aren't as pro-LGBT as he is -- a view that's eerily similar to Hillary Clinton's State Department, where ideological blackmail was the order of every day.

What First Century Christians Could Teach Us Today April 27, 2020

Growing up in a country like America where we get to vote and influence the government, it's difficult to imagine what it would feel like to live under an absolute monarchy. Or a tyrannical dictatorship. Yet the early followers of Jesus not only lived in such environments, but they flourished and grew.

Repeating The Mistakes Of History: EU Wants Jews Restricted From Judea-Samaria April 27, 2020

Rather than congratulate Israel on forming a unity government after three elections, many governments responded by warning the new alliance against annexing Biblical Judea and Samaria thereby allowing Jews to fulfill prophecy by returning to the homeland promised to them by their covenant with God.

How The Coronavirus Sets The Stage For The End Times April 24, 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic ends, many will demand that systems be put in place to make sure we never find ourselves in such a vulnerable situation again. When the dust settles this pandemic may have just set the final stage for the end times.

UN Is Now Worried Virus Pandemic Could Spark Famines Of 'Biblical Proportions' April 24, 2020

What the head of the UN's World Food Program just said should be making front page headlines all over the globe. Because if what he is claiming is true, we are about to see global food shortages on a scale that is absolutely unprecedented in modern history.

Homeschooling Under Fire - Harvard To Host Digital Anti-Homeschool Summit April 24, 2020

Harvard's Elizabeth Bartholet will be one of the featured speakers at Harvards Online Homeschooling Summit this June as it lines up a series of so called experts to tear down the Homeschool movement. Bartholet has caused a firestorem by recommending a ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.

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