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Here's How The Energy Crisis Will Accelerate The Food Crisis October 05, 2022

All over the world, manufacturers are shutting down production to combat the price of energy. And in a world already seeing food shortages and empty shelves, this is setting us up for an even bigger crisis down the road.

NY Judge: The 'Time Has Arrived' To Legalize Polygamy October 05, 2022

If "love" and "consent" are all that defines a relationship, then proponents of incest, pedophilia, and group marriage can follow the LGBT playbook all the way to validity.

End Of Free Speech? New Zealand Says Govt Alone To Be Single Source Of Truth October 05, 2022

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been blasted for comparing free speech online to "weapons of war" in a recent speech to the U.N. that critics called "authoritarian."

School Teaches Kids How To Keep Transgender 'Identity' A Secret From Parents October 05, 2022

First indoctrination; then facilitation; cut the parents out. This is the industrial-scale institutionalization of the transgender agenda to children ages five and up, with parents kept intentionally unaware of what is happening.

Will The Collapse Of Credit Suisse Be Europe's 'Lehman Brothers Moment'? October 04, 2022

The parallels between 2008 and 2022 just keep getting stronger. 14 years ago, the collapse of Lehman Brothers sent a massive wave of panic through global financial markets. Well, now an even larger bank appears to be on the brink of collapse, and analysts all over the world are deeply concerned about what that will mean for the global financial system if it does fail.

Next On Europe's Doomsday List This Winter: Collapse Of Cell Phone Networks October 04, 2022

It's not just heating that could be missing across Europe this winter: cell phones may be the next to go. That's because if power cuts or energy rationing knocks out parts of the mobile networks across the region, mobile phones could go dark around Europe this winter.

California Becomes 'Refuge' State For Trans Surgeries On Minors October 04, 2022

State Rep. Scott Wiener's (D) SB 107 -- a bill proposing to make California a "refuge" state for performing transgender surgeries on minors -- successfully made its way to Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D) desk and received his signature.

Whither The Two-State Model When Hamas Seizes Power In The West Bank? October 04, 2022

Those who blithely advocate a "two-state solution" between Israel and the Palestinians invariably avoid addressing many seemingly intractable obstacles facing such a resolution to the conflict.

'Biden Bucks': The Dangers Of Digital Currency October 01, 2022

Increased government control over the monetary system goes hand-in-glove with the social score concept famously wielded by the Chinese Community Party. Anything and everything that requires an exchange of currency can be monitored, and transactions can be denied for currently legal but politically incorrect purchases.

Searches For 'Real Estate Market Crash' Highest In Internet History October 01, 2022

Analysis of Google Trends data reveals that searches for 'real estate market crash' exploded 284% in the United States as of September 2022 – the highest level in Google Trends history.

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