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The Biblical Edom Unearthed: Not A Myth, A Historical Reality October 08, 2019

Over the years, many scholars doubted the Edomites even existed, at least as described in those biblical accounts. Well, these scholars were mistaken. Recently, a team excavating in Israel's Timna Valley found evidence of a "thriving and wealthy society" dating back to the 12th century before Christ.

Awake Jerusalem - Thousands Of Christians Gather To Pray For Jerusalem October 08, 2019

Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem took place on Sunday, bringing together 70 millennial pastors from the United States, Canada and Brazil to Israel, many for the first time, along with their followers.

The Religion Of Climate Change & The New Doomsday Scenario October 02, 2019

Today, there is a new religious narrative, especially among young people, with a new “end of the world” scenario. But this one is depressing and grim, with nothing redemptive about it.

Signs Of The Times? Earthquake Swarms Hit Multiple Regions October 02, 2019

There is a whole lotta shaking going on in America right now, and many people are concerned about what that could potentially mean. Could it be possible that the U.S. is entering a more seismically active time?

The Next Recession Could Crush Those Carrying Credit Card Debt October 02, 2019

The overlooked issue of high-interest rates on consumer goods and credit card purchases are going to be incredibly difficult to pay for people during the next recession.

Should Israel invade Gaza? October 02, 2019

As Israeli frustration mounts about violence coming out of Gaza, the idea of a ground invasion, and once and for all to finish with Hamas aggression, becomes more appealing.

Could Hillary Clinton Still Enter The Presidential Race? October 01, 2019

All of a sudden Hillary Clinton is popping up all over the place in the mainstream media. She has repeatedly supported the impeachment inquiry in recent days, and she very much sounds like someone that does not plan to stay on the sidelines for much longer.

China's Mega-Surveillance State: Merging AI, Facial Recognition & Social Credit September 31, 2019

China is planning to merge its 170+ million security cameras with artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to create a mega-surveillance state. If Americans aren't careful we will soon have the same.

When The Culture War Comes For Your Kids October 01, 2019

There is growing concern that schools are entrenching differences rather than reducing them thanks to LGTB indoctrination in every aspect of the school system.

Will Iran Create More Hezbollahs Across The Middle East? October 01, 2019

No terror organization in history has had as powerful an armament as the one Hezbollah currently stockpiles. It is no wonder, then, that the Iranians are very happy with their success and are attempting to replicate this model in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

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