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One Church's Story Of What Not To Do During The Crisis March 25, 2020

No one could understand it at first. Arkansas's Cleburne County isn't big -- but it still had the second-highest number of coronavirus cases. Eventually, local health officials started to piece it all together, a puzzle that led them straight to the doors of the Greer's Ferry First Assembly.

Will Coronavirus Tempt Iran To Target Israel? March 25, 2020

With the chaos of the coronavirus, will Iran take advantage of Israel's perceived weakened state to attack through proxies? Iran may perceive Israel's military as being unable to call up masses of reserves or send large groups of civilians into close quarters in rocket shelters due to coronavirus restrictions. Will Iran attack?

America's Lockdown Is Just Beginning - Travel Papers Are Already Here March 23, 2020

Numerous people have reported being given "travel papers" over the past 48 hours. Those working in food delivery, the medical field, distribution, and grocery stores have said that they've received papers from their employers to show the police if they're stopped during their travel to and from work in the event of a lockdown.

Infringement Of Our Rights Or Love Your Neighbor As Yourself? March 23, 2020

As Americans, we are fiercely independent. We are not like a collectivist society like China, which can mandate the behavior of an entire nation. We are individualists, and we prize our freedoms. How, then, should we respond when our government restricts these freedoms in the name of public safety?

A Time Of Testing For The Church March 23, 2020

By the thousands, they've come to Church of the Highlands -- which has just transformed into one of the largest testing sites in the city. And Church of the Highlands couldn't be happier.

Coronavirus Reveals Dangerous US Reliance On Chinese Supply Chains March 23, 2020

Up to 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in American drugs are sourced abroad. In places like China, that gives the communist party incredible leverage over the U.S. -- especially if we get to a point of widespread shortages or dire need.

Is Coronavirus Connected To Bible Prophecy? March 19, 2020

Is this related to end-time events? Will it pass? Should we store up toilet paper, cleaning supplies, flu medicine, and hunker down in fear? What voices should we listen to? How seriously should we take the advice given by national and local leaders? How should the Church respond?

Biden Reveals Plans To Restrict Your Religious Freedoms March 19, 2020

To make his policy proposals perfectly clear, presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced "The Biden Plan to Advance LGBTQ+ Equality in America and Around the World." He should have titled it, "The Biden Plan to Restrict Religious Freedoms in America and Around the World." Or, "The Biden Plan to Undo the Freedoms Secured Under President Trump." The cat is out of the bag.

The Purging Of The Last Pro-Life Democrats March 19, 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the American abortion wars have continued unabated. Last night one of the last pro-life Democrats - Representative Dan Lipinski of Illinois’s Third Congressional District - lost his primary race to pro-abortion challenger Marie Newman.

As Coronavirus Shuts Down Israel: IDF Troops Have A New Precarious Mission March 19, 2020

As Israel takes drastic measures to starve the elusive coronavirus, one group of the Israeli public has suddenly found themselves in a uniquely dangerous position - IDF soldiers.

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