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Will God Bless Trump For Moving Our Embassy To Jerusalem? December 08, 2017

Why the uproar over Jerusalem? Why does the whole world care? Is there spiritual significance to this decision?

A Two State Solution For Europe? December 08, 2017

A French intellectual recently suggested that France should establish a Muslim state-within-a-state that adheres to sharia law, inside the borders of France, to avoid a civil war.

New Palestinian Curriculum Even More Radical Than Before December 08, 2017

Palestinian Authority textbooks issued for the new academic year are "significantly more radical" than their predecessors, routinely erasing Israel and glorifying "martyrdom".

The Strategic Timing Of Trumps Move To Recognize Jerusalem  December 07, 2017

The recognition of Jerusalem at the onset of a peace initiative -- and the lining up of further potential repercussions -- shows the Palestinians and the international community just how serious the president is.

Arab World Prepares Response To Trump Declaration On Jerusalem November 07, 2017

"Protests, threats and violence will not stop the United States from acknowledging the truth. We will stand firm, and as a result the Lord will bless us."

Jack Phillips Before The Supreme Court: "Tolerance Is a Two-Way Street" December 07, 2017

"Phillips is not trying to restrict gay marriage or gay rights; he's simply asking not to be forced to take part."

How ISIS Has Changed Christmas December 07, 2017

ISIS has threatened to attack Times Square during the Christmas season.

Saudis Lurking Behind Trump's Jerusalem Plan December 06, 2017

President Donald Trump is getting ready to do something big and risky in the Middle East that it could either spark a new Palestinian uprising, or lead to the long coveted but elusive peace pact that every president since Jimmy Carter has tried to broker.

Astronomical Loss Of Life In Potential U.S. War With N. Korea December 06, 2017

With each new ballistic test, Kim Jong-Un appears to gain a level of credibility to back up his seemingly insane threats against a world superpower no longer headed by the appeasement-driven Barack Obama but a far more unpredictable Donald Trump.

Teachers Attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAP' Sensitivity Training - Did We Miss Anyone? December 06, 2017

In our rush towards political correct absurdity, we have reached levels that not even satire dared to go a mere decade ago.

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