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Detransitioner Testimonies - From Emptiness To Finding God January 26, 2023

Every de-transitioner I've spoken to or interviewed has described a moment in which they finally realize that none of it has worked--not the cross-sex hormones; not the surgeries; not the social affirmation.

This Is What It's Come To - Christian Faces Prison For Sharing Ex-Gay Testimony January 24, 2023

In a case that could have far-reaching implications for all Christians who believe it is a part of their faith to share their testimony, a Christian charity worker will face trial for sharing his personal testimony of leaving the gay lifestyle which is being interpreted as a form of conversion therapy.

Today's Alliances As Predicted By The Prophets Of The Bible January 24, 2023

The Biblical prophets predicted that in the end days, there would be four main superpowers (or spheres of power) in four geographic regions in relation to Israel. The prophets further predicted that there would be alliances formed between some of these kings... alliances we are already seeing take shape today.

Biden's New Rules Will Discriminate Against Faith-Based Charities January 24, 2023

The change effectively reinstates a requirement adopted by the Obama administration in 2010 that faith-based organizations must provide "referrals to alternative providers when beneficiaries objected to the religious character of the organizations providing services".

Compromising Churches - Church Of England Will Bless Same Sex Couples January 24, 2023

This is a landmark moment and will go down in history as a turning point in the decline and fall of the Church of England - unless these proposals can be decisively resisted by the faithful in Synod

Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs During The Early Stages Of 2023 January 23, 2023

Is your job safe? Right now, we are witnessing so much turmoil in so many different sectors of our economy. The housing market is crashing, the cryptocurrency industry has imploded, the tech industry is laying off workers at an extremely frightening pace, and some of our most important retailers are heading into bankruptcy.

Global Elites Plan For Next Pandemic At Davos With Digital Vaccination Tracking January 23, 2023

The World Economic Forum’s Davos discussions often require some “reading between the lines” to understand what is really being said by the globalist participants, but not much interpretation is needed these days as establishment representatives have been far more open about their agenda and their intentions for the future.

Overpopulation? Demographic Winter Will Hit America Hard In The Coming Years January 23, 2023

Experts are warning the decision to prioritize careers over families has set the country on an irreversible path to economic destruction. The reason? People do not have enough children anymore.

What Are The Worst Countries In The World For Christians? January 23, 2023

A recent report ranking countries oppressing Christians gave North Korea the worst score ever recorded. In addition, every country in the Middle East is listed as persecuting Christians, except for Israel.

World Economic Forum Urges Gathered Elites To "Master The Future" January 20, 2023

Why do people think that it is creepy that a group of "select human beings" have gathered in Davos, Switzerland to shape the agenda of the entire planet? Could it be because many of the attendees truly believe that they are "saving the world"?

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