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US Education Training Next Generation To Demonize Israel While Defending Islam November 09, 2017

All around the country, educators are being trained to teach politically motivated courses by US government-funded Middle East centers.

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians In America Today? November 08, 2017

"The amount of anti-Christian hate on Twitter the same day Christians were massacred is stunning and chilling."

Did The Federal Reserve Just Give Financial Markets The Sell Signal November 08, 2017

The Fed is pulling the financial markets off of life support as central banks all over the planet appear to be acting in coordinated fashion.

Pro-Life Groups Face Continued Discrimination  November 08, 2017

From university wellness fairs to Twitter, from the Apple app store to campus lawns, those in the media and academia are increasingly using their power to support abortion and censor those who attempt to speak out.

American vs Palestinian Rock Throwers - Why The Double Standard? November 08, 2017

Five young men in Flint, Michigan are being charged with second-degree murder for throwing a rock over an overpass killing the driver. Meanwhile, American taxpayers' money is being used to reward Palestinian rock-throwers.

Is Saudi Arabia Heading For War With Iran? November 07, 2017

Most of us living in the western world simply do not realize how much Saudi Arabia and Iran truly hate one another.

Behold A Black Horse: Airborne Black Death Epidemic Could 'Explode' November 07, 2017

The bubonic plague outbreak that is taking Madagascar to its knees could explode anytime unleashing the sickness on the globe.

For Palestinians Balfour Is The Original Sin Of The Middle East  November 07, 2017

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas previously announced he was suing Great Britain over the Balfour Declaration, issued on Nov. 2, 1917.

Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls: Sex-Selective Abortion In America November 07, 2017

The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists.

China On Verge Of Cashless Society November 06, 2017

Those in power are quick to herald in this new electronic system of total population tracking and control.

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