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5 Regrets You Don't Want To Have If Your Kids Walk Away From Faith February 07, 2017

Regret. It’s something I often hear from parents who are heartbroken that their teen or adult kids have walked away from Christianity.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Serving Canada Or Serving Islamists? February 07, 2018

Canada's state broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) consistently supports the Islamist cause, including direct cooperation with terrorist front groups.

Calls To Expel Florida Student Protesting World Hijab Day February 06, 2018

A Muslim student at the University of Central Florida tried to get a fellow student expelled for criticizing the activities of World Hijab Day on campus.

Europe: Making Islam Great Again February 06, 2018

Polls reveal how Muslim immigrants with deeply held religious views will transform Europe in a few short generations.

Latin American Evangelicals vs "Gender Ideology" February 06, 2018

Evangelicals are on the rise in Latin America. And at least one writer at the New York Times is very, very concerned.

California Prepares To Crack Down On Homeschoolers  February 06, 2018

Lawmakers in California are now pushing for families who homeschool their children to be subject to involuntary home visits from state employees--treating those parents with the same oversight that they would give parents who have abused their children.

Russia Designs 'Doomsday' Nuclear Torpedo That Could Wipe Out US Coastal Cities February 05, 2018

Russia is developing a torpedo equipped with a nuclear warhead described as a “doomsday weapon” in a new Pentagon report.

Transanity - Transabled, Transracial & Transspecies February 05, 2018

Why stop at gender when you can also do species? There are people who believe that their true identity is that of an animal.

Iranian Weapon Factories In Lebanon Pushing Israel To Respond February 05, 2018

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah-Iran have risen sharply following the discovery of an Iranian program to set up weapons factories on Lebanese soil, for the manufacture of missile guidance systems.

Rachel Denhollander & The Gospel Of Costly Grace February 05, 2018

It was the most amazing courtroom testimony I've ever heard. And if you haven't heard it yourself, you need to.

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